Ensembl version 72 release

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Ensembl version 72 release

20 Jun 2013 - 15:59

The new Ensembl release 72 includes:

  • Updated patches for the human assembly (GRCh37.p11).
  • New variation citation page and individual genotype search box.
  • Addition of phenotype association data from OMIM and Orphanet as well as data from the GIANT and MAGIC association studies.
  • Imported HGMD-PUBLIC data from release 2013.1 with regulatory data for human.
  • Import of COSMIC version 64 and update of COSMIC structural variants.
  • Updated HAVANA manual curation for human and mouse.
  • Import of the genotypes from the Mouse Genomes Project, SNP Release Version 3.
  • Updated CCDS sets and cDNA alignments for human and mouse.
  • Addition of variation data for gibbon.
  • Updated mitochondrial sequence and annotation for several species including alpacalampreyplatyfish and xenopus.

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