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22 Nov 2018

Bone remodelling - BioModels Model of the Month

Explore the latest @biomodels Model of the Month, which explores why decrease in physical activity can affect bone remodelling and lead to diseases such as #osteoporosis and #arthritis
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification

13 Nov 2018

New releases: InterPro 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0

We are pleased to announce the release of @InterProDB 71.0 and InterProScan 5.32-71.0!

06 Nov 2018

Latest ENA Nucleic Acids Research DB issue paper published

Latest Nucleic Acids Research DB issue from the ENA

18 Oct 2018

Expanded INSDC sequence accession formats in December 2018

European Nucleotide Archive will soon be expanding the formats used for sequence accessions

New ENA Assembly Submission Tool: Webin-CLI

16 Oct 2018

27 Sep 2018

Increasing the power of the GWAS Catalog for human disease research

The @GWASCatalog launches its new query interface, RESTful API and improved access to summary statistics today - check them out! #GWAS