Press releases from EMBL-EBI

Portrait of Alexander Aulehla (left) and Paul Flicek (right)

08 Jul 2020

Two EMBL scientists become EMBO Members

Alexander Aulehla and Paul Flicek recognised by their peers for their outstanding contributions to the life sciences

Collage showing lab equipment including a test tube, pills and pipettes.

06 Jul 2020

Using drug screens and CRISPR to make better cancer drugs

Researchers publish most comprehensive analysis to date for understanding how cancer drugs work at molecular level

Ewan Birney. Credit: Carrie Tang

01 Jul 2020

Ewan Birney appointed EMBL Deputy Director General

EMBL appoints new senior leadership

SARS-CoV-2 viruses visible on a cell with filopodia

29 Jun 2020

Existing drugs can prevent SARS-CoV-2 from hijacking cells

Researchers evaluate how the new coronavirus rewires human proteins for its own replication, and identify several antiviral drugs ready for clinical trials

Five icons illustrating two buildings, a tree, a book, a genetic code and a finish line

26 Jun 2020

Five things you probably didn’t know about the Human Genome Project

On 26 June we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first draft sequence of the human genome

Artist's impression of DNA lesions. Credit: Petra Korlevic

23 Jun 2020

Unpicking the complexity of DNA mutations

DNA damage caused by chemical mutagens is not repaired immediately and can create more genetic diversity in tumours

EMBL's Equality and Diversity Officers, Zac O'Sullivan (left) and Luisa Vieites Rodrigues (right). Credit: Jeff Dowling and Kinga Lubowiecka

12 Jun 2020

Equality and diversity at EMBL

EMBL is striving to make its labs and offices a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. To achieve this goal, EMBL's Equality and Diversity Officers, Luisa Vieites Rodrigues and Zac O'Sullivan, are working closely with leadership and the EMBL community. In this interview, they share their vision and plans.

Illustration showing the the links between chemical probes and human tissue

05 Jun 2020

EUbOPEN consortium will provide tools to unlock disease biology

66 million euros to generate open-access chemical tools

Artist's impression of the research. Credit: Holly Joynes, Rayne Zaayman-Gallant/EMBL; Adobe Stock

26 May 2020

Distinguishing coronavirus genome mutations from inadvertent errors

EMBL-EBI scientists have performed a large-scale analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes, which reveals a need for cautious interpretation of sequencing data to identify mutations within the virus’s genome.

Artist's interpretation of cell clusters in humans and mice.

18 May 2020

An automated method for cell type discovery

Identifying cell types from single-cell RNA sequencing data is now more efficient than ever.

C elegans microscopy image with DNA superimposed

01 May 2020

DNA damage and faulty repair jointly cause mutations

Genome sequencing gives new insights into cancer genomics

A collage of images showing wet lab, dry lab research and healthcare

22 Apr 2020

Why share data during a pandemic?

To stop the new coronavirus pandemic, scientists all over the world must collaborate and share data

COVID-19 Data Portal facilitates data sharing about novel coronavirus

18 Apr 2020

EMBL-EBI launches COVID-19 Data Portal

EMBL-EBI and partners launch the COVID-19 Data Portal to help scientists, public health and healthcare professionals tackle the coronavirus pandemic

Artist's interpretation of COVID-19 data sharing networks around the world

26 Mar 2020

EMBL-EBI leads international collaboration to share COVID-19 research data

EMBL-EBI set to launch European COVID-19 Data Platform to help store, share, and analyse research data linked to the COVID-19 pandemic 

23 Mar 2020

New insights into the regulators that control cell shape

First systematic functional characterisation and systems view of Rho GTPases, the key regulators of cell shape changes

EMBL-EBI South Building

18 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: latest EMBL-EBI updates

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, EMBL-EBI closes its premises on 18 March, but will continue to maintain data services

Equality and diversity in science Best Practice Award winners 2020

05 Mar 2020

Supporting Equality and Diversity in Science – 2020 Winners

The winners of the Wellcome Genome Campus Best Practice Awards and the future of equality and diversity in science 

Clusters of positively selected sites in SERPIN B3

02 Mar 2020

Adaptive evolution of mammalian immunity and metabolism

New study maps positively selected sites across mammalian proteins to identify evolutionary changes in metabolic enzymes 

Paul Flicek appointed ISCB fellow

27 Feb 2020

Paul Flicek becomes ISCB fellow

The International Society for Computational Biology appoints EMBL-EBI Associate Director as distinguished fellow

Ian Dunham receives funding for machine learning project

26 Feb 2020

Funding to use machine learning in neurodevelopmental disability interventions

Ian Dunham receives funding for UK-Canada machine learning project exploring neurodevelopmental disability