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14 Sep 2016

‘Essential genes’ help focus research

Study identifies 410 genes that are essential to life in the mouse, potentially good candidates for research on human diseases.
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05 Sep 2016

BioStudies: The Data Bento Box

A new database at EMBL-EBI gives a home to all the data supporting a study.
Puzzling out drug response [Graphic concept by Francesco Iorio, Illustration by Spencer Phillips, EMBL-EBI]

05 Jul 2016

Cancer cell lines predict drug response

Patient-derived cancer cell lines harbour most of the same genetic changes found in patients’ tumours, and could be used to learn how tumours are likely to respond to new drugs.
Early embryonic development study by Marioni, Gottgens in Nature, 2016

05 Jul 2016

Anatomy of a decision: mapping early development

A new atlas of gene expression during the earliest stages of life boosts studies of development.
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