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White mice next to data repository with PDX Finder logo

05 Apr 2018

PDX Finder - Free global portal for cancer models

First global online catalogue of Patient Derived Xenograft models helps cancer researchers save valuable time

BBSRC logo

26 Mar 2018

Ewan Birney becomes UKRI-BBSRC Council member

EMBL-EBI Director, Ewan Birney, appointed new member of UKRI-BBSRC Council 

SpatialDE: New single-cell sequencing analysis method to combine gene expression data and spatial data to redefine tissue identity. Credit: Andrea Danti / Adobe Stock

19 Mar 2018

New method probes gene expression by cell location

New method for single-cell sequencing analysis combines spatial and gene expression data, allowing scientists to redefine tissue identity

Small white robot with bioinformatics student

08 Mar 2018

Using robot avatars in bioinformatics training

In a first for EMBL-EBI Training, two postpartum students use robot avatars to study genomic medicine

Left to right: Treasa Creavin from Connecting Science, Ewan Birney, director of EMBL-EBI, Elspeth Bruford from EMBL-EBI, Genny Kiff from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Mike Stratton, director of Wellcome Sanger Institute

07 Mar 2018

Supporters of women in science shine

Role models across the Wellcome Genome Campus recognised for promoting gender equality

Capra aegagrus (wild species, left) and Capra hircus (domesticspecies, right)

06 Mar 2018

How did we domesticate sheep and goats?

Sheep and goats use different patterns of gene selection to achieve similar characteristics

Artist's impression of depression and genetics. Credit: Spencer Phillips/EMBL-EBI

02 Mar 2018

The genetic risk factors for depression

Taking account of major adversity in life is important for understanding and diagnosing depression.

Artist's impression of the dark genome

23 Feb 2018

Illuminating the ‘druggable genome’

New method shines a light on unexplored sections of the human genome to find promising drug targets

Artist's impression of single cells map

22 Feb 2018

Revealing the devil in early cell life detail


  • Differences between cells can have significant effects during early life and in the early stages of disease 
  • A new technique, scNMT-seq, helps scientists detect these changes and examine their causes 
  • The knowledge gained will be useful for efforts to detect diseases like cancer earlier.
Artist's impression of DNA helix next to black mouse

09 Feb 2018

Study identifies new diabetes genes

Scientists identify a network of genes that could play an important role in the development of diabetes

Health Data Research UK logo

07 Feb 2018

Cambridge selected for Health Data Research UK site

EMBL-EBI to work with other leading research organisations to transform UK medical informatics research

Bitcoin encoded in DNA sample, shipped to Antwerp

19 Jan 2018

Belgian PhD student decodes DNA and wins a Bitcoin

Three years after DNA Storage scientist Nick Goldman issues his ‘Bitcoin Challenge’ in Davos, University of Antwerp’s Sander Wuyts decodes the key.

Sketches of octopus, platypus and wheat. Credit: Spencer Phillips/EMBL-EBI

20 Dec 2017

Curious genomes

All living things are made from the same stuff – DNA – but some genomes really show off the wonderful weirdness of Nature 

Ontology Mapping Service logo

18 Dec 2017

Ontology Mapping Service: an EMBL-EBI – industry collaboration

Scientists working in many sectors, disciplines, countries and languages use different types of data about drugs and diseases for their research. Discoverability is a perpetual challenge.

Open Targets background and logo

04 Dec 2017

Takeda joins drug target discovery initiative

Open Targets announced today that Takeda has joined its pioneering public-private collaboration to transform drug discovery by improving the success rate for developing new medicines. Takeda is a global, R&D-driven pharmaceutical company with expertise in oncology, gastroenterology (GI) and central nervous system (CNS) disease that will complement the offerings of GSK, Biogen, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), and build on the initiative’s success.

Person holding tablet showing 3D protein structure in PDBe

30 Nov 2017

Exploring 3D macromolecules in a flash

New techniques from gaming allow users to load giant 3D protein images quickly in PDBe

BioModels logo on gray background

29 Nov 2017

BioModels performance boost, new model formats

Public repository upgraded to handle more types of mathematical models and offer improved performance and search

Food security and bioinformatics: Illustration by Spencer Phillips, EMBL-EBI

21 Nov 2017

Food security and bioinformatics

EMBL-EBI supports data-driven research into plants, pathogens, pollinators and pests. What’s next?

Gametocytes of malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites

21 Nov 2017

How malaria parasites reproduce: new insights

Study into the reproduction of malaria parasites reveals faster and broader protein regulation than expected

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health logo

09 Nov 2017

Driving genomics: EMBL-EBI and GA4GH

EMBL-EBI is involved in three GA4GH Driver Projects, which are developing and testing the data standards needed to enable genomics in healthcare.