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18 Dec 2014

"Hairclip" protein mechanism explained

Research led by the Teichmann group on the Wellcome Genome Campus has identified a fundamental mechanism for controlling protein function. Read more
'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained by Perica et al.
17 Dec 2014

Making single-cell biology work

New collaboration between EMBL-EBI, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Fluidigm keeps research and technology on the cutting edge of single-cell genomics. Read more
Fluidigm and the Single Cell Genomics Centre
12 Dec 2014

Reactome releases knowledgebase version 51

Expanded disease coverage with new modules, updated pathways and more in Reactome's latest release. Read more
Reactome service news
9 Dec 2014

ENA release 122

Release 122 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available. Read more
European Nucleotide Archive
2 Dec 2014

UniProt release 2014_11 now available

 UniProt 2014_11 is now out. Read more
2 Dec 2014

Ensembl 78 release

Ensembl 78 has been released, offering updated data and many new features. Read more
Ensembl logo
1 Dec 2014

IntAct December update

This December, we highlight a comprehensive interactome study that focuses on the protein-tyrosine kinases and phosphatases in the model bacterium Bacillus subtilis. The work was carried out by the groups of Marie-Francoise Noirot-Gros and Ivan Mijakovic. The data were submitted directly to IntAct as part of the publication process, and can be searched using IMEx IDs IM-23251 or IM-22270 on the IntAct website and the IMEx Consortium pages. Read more
IntAct December update


26 Nov 2014

Highly evolvable, malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Genomes of 16 Anopheles mosquito species sequenced and compared, providing new insights into their dynamic evolution. Read more
Anopheles gambiae photo credit: James Gathany, CDC
26 Nov 2014

Parasitic worm genomes: largest-ever dataset released

New resource boosts research into worms that infect millions Read more
Parasitic worm genomes
12 Nov 2014

Simplification of data release procedures

The European Nucleotide Archive will couple the public release of sequence records and the release of study records that contain these sequence records, with immediate effect. Read more
11 Nov 2014

ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop

European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and EBI Metagenomics Portal (EMG), are organising the ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop on the 1-5 December 2014 to enrich the environmental sample records. Read more
11 Nov 2014

New releases: InterProScan 5.8-49.0 and InterPro 49.0

InterProScan 5.8-49.0We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5.8-49.0. You can find the full release notes here.InterProScan 5.8-49.0 uses data from the newly released InterPro 49.0, which contains 26860 entries and includes updates to PROSITE patterns and profiles (20.105). Read more
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification
4 Nov 2014

Big (protein) data to knowledge

A new Big Data to Knowledge project draws on crowdsourcing, cloud technologies and clinical cohorts to transform protein data to knowledge. Read more
Big (protein) data to knowledge


31 Oct 2014

An open resource for computational modelling

A new repository from the Drug Disease Model Resources consortium helps researchers share computational models used in pharmaceutical R&D. Read more
DDMoRe repository for pharmacometric models
30 Oct 2014

UniProt release 2014_10

UniProt Release 2014_10 is out! Read headline article 'K for Koagulation' about Vitamin K and the latest UniProtKB news at Read more
UniProt: The Universal Protein Resource
22 Oct 2014

Kidney cancer in Central Europe

New research by CAGEKID consortium reveals a connection between kidney cancer and exposure to aristolochic acid. Read more
CAGEKID: Cancer genomics of the kidney
20 Oct 2014

Building an EMPIAR

A new resource for raw, 2D electron microscopy images lets researchers take a closer look at the images used to build 3D molecular structures. Read more
EMPIAR for raw 2D EM data
20 Oct 2014

European Variation Archive launches

Detailed information about genetic variation is now simpler to explore in the new European Variation Archive (EVA). Read more
European Variation Archive
17 Oct 2014

After 10 years, Reactome hits 50!

With thousands of new additions in release 50, Reactome has become one of the world's largest freely accessible, open-source pathway resources. Since Reactome scientists started curating and exporting pathway and reaction data 10 years ago, the resource has grown to include annotations for over a third of the protein-coding genes in the current human genome assembly in Ensembl. Read more
Reactome news
6 Oct 2014

Release 2014_09 and evidences in flat files

Release 2014_09 and evidences in flat files Read more
UniProt logo
1 Oct 2014

Ensembl version 77 release

Ensembl version 77 has been released, offering updated data and new features. Read more
Ensembl logo


26 Sep 2014

BLUEPRINT: new perspectives on white blood cells

Major international initiative to study the epigenomics of blood publishes its first results Read more
BLUEPRINT: deciphering the epigenomes of more than 100 different types of blood cells
25 Sep 2014

Rfam 12.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Rfam 12.0! This is the first version based on Infernal 1.1, which allows complete database searches for RNAs. Read more
Structure of a bacterial ribonuclease P holoenzyme in complex with tRNA.
24 Sep 2014

ENA release 121

Release 121 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available. Read more
22 Sep 2014

Taking the guesswork out of genetic analysis

New method by EMBL-EBI and Microsoft Research improves statistical power of genome-wide association studies Read more
WarpedLMM news
11 Sep 2014

Advance in stem-cell technology

Scientists revert human stem cells to pristine state Read more
Takashima, Y., et al., Cell (2014)
10 Sep 2014

Gibbon genome joins its superfamily in Ensembl

The gibbon genome, now available in Ensembl, provides insights into the evolution of this singing, swinging, tree-dwelling ape. Read more
Gibbon genome. Photo credit: OHSU
10 Sep 2014

RNAcentral Station

RNAcentral (, the first unified resource for all types of non-coding RNA data, has been launched today by the RNAcentral Consortium. Read more
RNAcentral launches
3 Sep 2014

UniProt release 2014_08 and new website

Get your 82,673,135 protein records today! Read headline article 'Ubiquitin caught at its own game' and more in this release.    UniProtKB newsThe UniProt website is changingWe would like to introduce you to the new UniProt website! We have been working on this site behind the scenes for a while and we’re glad it’s finally time to share it with you. Read more
UniProt logo


20 Aug 2014

Read data through Globus GridFTP

Read data can now be downloaded using Globus GridFTP through ebi#ena Globus Online public endpoint. Read more
19 Aug 2014

DAS services to retire

20 August 2014 - EMBL-EBI will be decommissioning a number of Distributed Annotation System (DAS) web services over the next 18 months, and will retire all DAS services by the end of 2015. Many EMBL-EBI resources have introduced or are actively developing alternative data integration technologies, and currently offer dedicated REST services. Read more
EMBL-EBI's DAS services are to retire
18 Aug 2014

Changes to SRA XML 1.5

Small changes to Experiment XML, Analysis XML, EGA Dataset XML, EGA DAC XMLs were deployed on 11th of August 2014. Read more
9 Aug 2014

The new, improved human genome

Ensembl has incorporated a vast amount of knowledge into a fully annotated reference human genome, GRCh38, providing a solid foundation for future genomics research. Read more
Ensembl release 76
7 Aug 2014

Ensembl version 76 release

Ensembl version 76 has been released, offering updated data and new features. Read more
Ensembl logo
5 Aug 2014

IntAct dataset of the month: the Human Proteostasis network

Perturbation of the proteostasis network has been implicated in many diseases, spanning neurodegeneration, cancer and Mendelian disorders. Chaperones are the most prominent class of proteins that shape this network. Read more
The Human Proteostasis network, by Taipale et al
1 Aug 2014

New Genomics API from the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

New software allows researchers to share anonymised genetic data seamlessly across platforms. Read more
Global Alliance for Genomics and Health


25 Jul 2014

ChEMBL_19 Released - Now with Crop Protection Data!

We are pleased to announce the release of ChEMBL_19. This version of the database was prepared on 3rd July 2014 and contains: Read more
ChEMBL - the database of bioiactive entities
23 Jul 2014

Reactome: new publications available

Members of the Reactome team at EMBL-EBI have recently published a number of papers about this open resource for molecular pathway data. Read more
Reactome database of biological pathways
23 Jul 2014

New Reactome Pathway Analysis Portal

Reactome has launched a new browser featuring integrated pathway analysis tools and improved usability. Read more
Pathway analysis portal
23 Jul 2014

A baker's dozen: new pathways in Reactome release 49

Reactome release 49 features 12 new pathways in disease, metabolism, immune system, development and signal transduction. Read more
Reactome: new pathways in release 49
21 Jul 2014

Marmoset genome sheds light on chimeral twins

Initial analyses of the marmoset genome provide insight into this tiny primate’s reproductive system, which is well adapted to multiple births. The marmoset sequence is freely available in the Ensembl genome explorer. Read more
Marmoset image from Wikimedia Commons. Credit: Manfred Werner
11 Jul 2014

UniProt release 2014_07

UniProt 2014_07 is out. Get your 80,370,243 protein records today! You can read our headline article 'Lark or owl? PER3 is the answer' at Read more
UniProt news
10 Jul 2014

World-wide Protein Data Bank improves representation of large structures

The wwPDB is pleased to announce that structures that were historically split across multiple entries have now been combined into single PDBx/mmCIF files. Each combined file has been issued a new PDB identifier. This constitutes a significant improvement in the representation of large entries in the PDB archive.  Read more
wwPDB accepts large protein structures
9 Jul 2014

Sheep genome provides rich resource for agricultural research

The new reference sheep genome, published by the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC), is freely available through the Ensembl genome explorer. Read more
Sheep genome sequenced
9 Jul 2014

New releases: InterProScan 5.5-48.0 and InterPro 48.0

InterProScan 5.5-48.0We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5.5-48.0. You can find the full release notes here.InterProScan 5.5-48.0 uses data from the newly released InterPro 48.0, which contains 26,238 entries. Read more
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification
1 Jul 2014

ENA release 120

Release 120 of ENA's assembled/annotated seqences now available Read more


18 Jun 2014

New Analysis Tools for Reactome

Pathway databases such as Reactome are uniquely suited for analysing and interpreting the results of high-throughput functional genomics data sets, for example microarray-based expression profiles, protein interaction sets, and results of chromatin IP. In response to user feedback and new feature requests, we are pleased to announce a new version of the Reactome Pathway Browser that integrates a suite of tools for pathway analysis. Read more
Results of an expression analysis in the Reactome Pathway Browser
17 Jun 2014

Over 1 billion biological data records publicly searchable

The number of biological data records available to be searched through EBI Search has recently passed the one billion mark, representing data from 91 distinct domains. Read more
Search one billion biological entries
17 Jun 2014

Ocean Sampling Day 2014: Capturing marine biodiversity

On 21 June 2014, the first Ocean Sampling Day will take place at over 160 sites throughout the world. Read more
Ocean Sampling Day 2014
13 Jun 2014

UniProt release 2014_06

UniProt 2014_06 is out. Get your 69,560,473 protein records today! Read headline article 'Everything you always wanted to know...' and more at Read more
10 Jun 2014

Czech Republic becomes EMBL’s 21st member state

Forty years after its foundation, EMBL announces its 21st member state: the Czech Republic. Read more
EMBL welcomes the Czech Republic as a member state


27 May 2014

Insights into genetics of cleft lip

EMBL scientists have identified how a specific stretch of DNA controls far-off genes to influence the formation of the face. The study, published in Nature Genetics, helps clarify the genetic causes of cleft lip and cleft palate, which are among the most common congenital malformations in humans. Read more
Studying the genetic causes of cleft lip and cleft palate
23 May 2014

Change to date format for advanced search

From 16th June 2014, the date format used in the advanced search will be changed to ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD).   Read more
20 May 2014

Dionysian mysteries: The aldehyde dehydrogenase family

Do you have friends that can't handle alcoholic drinks? Just half a pint of beer or a few sips of wine, and their faces turn red, possibly with some hangover symptoms, such as headaches and nausea?You may envy  their cheap night out, but wonder what's going on. The phenomenon is called ‘alcohol flush reaction’, sometimes called ‘Asian flush syndrome’. It is a condition caused by the accumulation of acetaldehyde, a metabolic byproduct of the catabolic metabolism of alcohol.  Read more
The protein structure of a single subunit of ALDH2. Residue 487 is indicated in violet. ALDH2*2 αG helix is shown in red, wild type I shown in blue.
20 May 2014

InterProScan 5.4-47.0 and InterPro 47.0 released

InterProScan 5.4-47.0We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5.4-47.0. You can find the full release notes here.InterProScan 5.4-47.0 uses data from the newly released InterPro 47.0, which contains 25,988 entries and includes updates to PANTHER (9.0). Read more
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification
20 May 2014

New in InterPro: Search by domain organisation

A new feature in InterPro, the InterPro Domain Architecture (IDA) tool, helps you search for proteins by domain organisation. Read more
Search by domain organisation (IDA): new feature in InterPro
20 May 2014

Update to the ENA SAMPLE checklist

From 10th of June 2014 the ENA SAMPLE checklist XML will be updated and the older version will be deprecated. Read more
14 May 2014

UniProt release 2014_05

Get your 56,555,610 protein records from the latest release today! Read headline article 'A flounder… on the rocks!' and more at .  Read more
14 May 2014

100,000 structures

The Worldwide Protein Data Bank has released its 100,000th molecular structure to the scientific community. Established in 1971, the public archive of experimentally determined structures has reached this important milestone thanks to the efforts of structural biologists throughout the world. Read more
The wwPDB releases its 100,000th structure
13 May 2014

MD5 sequence checksums in Coding flat files

MD5 sequence checksums are planned to be included in Coding flat files on 11th of June.The MD5 checksum will be available on the DR line, for example:DR MD5; 5830b6060dc4ec4602fc6e5629505072.Please contact if you have any questions of concerns about this change. Read more
12 May 2014

Protein Data Bank in Europe to incorporate OpenEye cheminformatics software

Hinxton, UK and Santa Fe, NM, 12 May 2014 – EMBL-EBI’s Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) and OpenEye Scientific Software have partnered to integrate innovative cheminformatics solutions into PDBe’s publicly available resource for studying 3-D cellular and macromolecular structures. Read more
PDBe logo
9 May 2014

Janet Thornton elected to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Janet Thornton has been elected to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of medical science. Read more
Janet Thornton and Jackie Hunter
8 May 2014

How immune cells use steroids

Genome Campus researchers have discovered that some immune cells turn themselves off by producing a steroid. The findings, published in Cell Reports, have implications for the study of cancers, autoimmune diseases and parasitic infections. Read more
T helper cell. Credit: National Institutes of Health
2 May 2014

World Health Organisation joins Europe PubMed Central

The World Health Organization announces it will become a member of the open-access repository Europe PubMed Central, joining 25 other life sciences and biomedical research funders. Read more
WHO joins EuropePMC
1 May 2014

Proteomic Services: supporting research into cardiac disease

Ageing brings a number of physiological and morphological changes that alter cardiovascular function and lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, even in healthy individuals. EMBL-EBI's Proteomics Services Team provides a range of resources to help research scientists understand these changes, and to assist in the identification of novel drugs and other therapeutics to maintain the aging heart in prime condition. Here we explore how bioinformatics resources can help clinical research, using the potassium channel inward rectifier potassium channel 2 (KCNH2) protein as an example. Read more
Proteomic Services: supporting research into cardiac disease
1 May 2014

Ewan Birney, Associate Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute, elected to the Royal Society

Dr Ewan Birney, genomics researcher and joint Associate Director of EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute, has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society. Read more
Ewan Birney, FRS


30 Apr 2014

IntAct Update: May 2014

This month we feature a dataset by Butland and colleagues exploring a role for the palmitoyl acyltransferase protein, HIP14, in the pathogenesis of Huntington Disease. Read more
Interactors of the palmitoyl acyltransferase protein, HIP14
29 Apr 2014

Obituary: Christian Boulin, Director of EMBL Core Facilities

Christian Boulin, EMBL’s Director of Core Facilities and Services, died on 27 April 2014. Read more
Christian Boulin, EMBL’s Director of Core Facilities and Services
25 Apr 2014

Tsetse fly genome sequenced

The genome of the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans, a pest native to sub-Saharan Africa that transmits sleeping sickness to humans and animals, has been published in Science. The data are freely available in VectorBase. Read more
tsetse fly Glossina morsitans. Credit: Geoff Attardo, Yale
22 Apr 2014

ChEBI: April's entity of the month

DMS, produced mainly from the algal metabolite dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) during lysis of the algal cell triggered by grazing crustaceans such as krill (primary consumers), is known to attract some species of procellariiform seabirds. These carnivorous species in turn selectively forage on krill. Additionally, the defecation by marine top predators serves as a potential source of recycled iron for the phytoplankton. Read more
ChEBI entity of the month: dimethyl sulfide
22 Apr 2014

Argentina joins EMBL as associate member state

Connecting life science research across the Atlantic Read more
EMBL’s new associate member state: Argentina
17 Apr 2014

ChEBI moves to weekly updates

Plans announced at last month's ChEBI User Workshop to change from a monthly release cycle to a 'near-live' website are already showing positive results. As the first stage in the process, website updates are now being made on a weekly basis. The change has already resulted in a dramatic reduction in the time taken for a newly-curated ChEBI entry to become public. Read more
ChEBI: chemical entities of biological interest
16 Apr 2014

UniProt release 2014_04

The UniProt 2014_04 release is now out with 55,503,547 protein records. Read headline article 'An old unwanted guest being shown the door' and more at  Read more
16 Apr 2014

Are you good at predicting protein interactions?

Registration is now open for round 30 of CAPRI, the community experiment for evaluating protein-protein docking for structure prediction. Read more
PDBe structure 4hea
1 Apr 2014

IntAct April 2014: Dataset of the month

This month we feature a dataset by Fujiwara and colleagues on Arabidopsis thaliana. Their data were submitted directly to IntAct as part of the publication process, and can be searched using IMEx ID IM-22071 on the IntAct website and the IMEx Consortium pages. Read more
IntAct: the open-source protein-interaction database


27 Mar 2014

Reactome releases knowledgebase version 48

Updates to ReactomeThis quarterly release of Reactome includes a new topic: Organelle biogenesis, which includes the pathway Mitochondrial biogenesis.Topics with new or updated pathways include: Read more
27 Mar 2014

Retirement of legacy file report URL in July 2014

From 1st July 2014, we will be retiring two of our report URLs and providing an alternative solution Read more
25 Mar 2014

Where do you start when developing a new medicine?

The Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation is a novel scientific collaboration that will use genomics and big data to drive drug discovery. Read more
Centre for Therapeutic Target Validation
19 Mar 2014

UniProt release 2014_03

UniProt 2014_03 is out. Get your 54,790,250 protein records today! In this release, read headline article 'Minority report' and the latest UniProtKB news. Cross references for isoforms: Read more
18 Mar 2014

Change of ENA release FTP location in September 2014

The FTP location and directory structure of the ENA release will change in September 2014. The new FTP location is already available at: Read more
17 Mar 2014

ENA release 119

Release 119 of ENA's assembled/annotated seqences now available. Read more
9 Mar 2014

The rise of open proteomics

The ProteomeXchange consortium has launched a public portal for exchanging proteomics data and information. The integrating service highlights a growing trend in the sharing of data generated in mass-spectrometry experiments. Read more
3 Mar 2014

IntAct March 2014: Dataset of the month and service updates

Dataset of the MonthThis month we feature The binary protein-protein interaction landscape of Escherichia coli, by Rajagopala et al. (Nature Biotech., doi: 10.1038/nbt.2831). Read more
Detail of E. coli interactome


27 Feb 2014

Ensembl version 75 release

Ensembl version 75 has been released, offering updated data and new features. Read more
Ensembl logo
26 Feb 2014

NGS data CRAMming, Archiving & Exploring course

New course on 2 April 2014The NGS data CRAMming, Archiving & Exploring course will take place in the new South building at EMBL-EBI on the Genome Campus, near Cambridge in the UK.This will be an opportunity to learn about data standards, the ENA data model, compression of next-generation sequencing data, large-scale data management, submission tools, data retrieval, APIs and much more.Programme, speakers and registrationBook your place as early as possible to avoid disappointment! Read more
ENA logo
20 Feb 2014

UniProt release 2014_02

UniProt 2014_02 is out. Get your 53,249,714 protein records today! Read headline article 'Epigenetics in the spotlight' and the latest UniProtKB news at Read more
19 Feb 2014

NGS data CRAMming, Archiving & Exploring course on April 2nd 2014

NGS data CRAMming, Archiving & Exploring course at EMBL-EBI, Cambridge on 2nd of April 2014. Learn about data standards, the ENA data model, compression of NGS data, large-scale data management, submission tools, data retrieval, APIs and more...Please pass this invitation on if appropriate. To avoid disappointment, please book your place as early as possible. Read more
14 Feb 2014

CRAM 2.1

The CRAM specification has been updated to version 2.1 Read more
13 Feb 2014

BioJS collection of open-access visualisation tools released

A new collection of visualisation tools for representing biological information is now available thanks to TGAC, EMBL-EBI and F1000Research. Read more
BioJS community logo
10 Feb 2014

IntAct Update: February 2014

There was one release in January: R175. The IntAct database now contains 12,397 publications, 32,135 experiments and 439,013 binary interactions. Registration is now open for the 2014 Networks and Pathways course, which is held annually at EMBL-EBI on the Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK. This year it will be Monday, June 9, 2014 - Friday, June 13, 2014. Read more
Detail of Hippo protein interaction network
4 Feb 2014

Change to coding results in ENA Browser

Current sequence_coding result being replaced with coding_release and coding_update Read more
4 Feb 2014

The Pistoia Alliance and EMBL-EBI announce HELM collaboration for cheminformatics

EMBL-EBI is collaborating with the Pistoia Alliance, a precompetitive industry and innovation initiative, to improve data resources for the study of pharmaceutically relevant molecules. During 2014 ChEMBL, EMBL-EBI’s database of bioactive entities with over a million compounds, will incorporate the Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM) notation, a Pistoia Alliance-led standard inbiomolecular informatics. Read more
HELM: Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules


24 Jan 2014

InterProScan 5.3-46.0 and InterPro 46.0 released

InterProScan 5.3-46.0We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5.3-46.0. You can find the full release notes here.InterProScan 5.3-46.0 uses data from the newly released InterPro 46.0, which contains 25,586 entries and includes updates to HAMAP (201311.27). Read more
InterPro: protein sequence analysis & classification
22 Jan 2014

UniProt release 2014_01

UniProt 2014_01 is out. Get your 52,159,208 protein records today! Read the headline article 'Mouse attacks!' and latest UniProtKB news at Read more
13 Jan 2014

Whole-genome dataset for bread wheat now available in Ensembl Plants

An improved genome sequence for bread wheat including more than 100,000 genes has been released in Ensembl Plants. Generated under the auspices of the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), the Chromosome Survey Sequence represents the most complete version of the wheat genome to date. Read more
Improved bread wheat genome data in Ensembl Plants
10 Jan 2014

BLAST off! Exploring the universe of biochemical reactions

Scientists at EMBL-EBI have developed EC-BLAST: software that makes it easier to develop novel enzymes. Published in Nature Methods, the program lets you quickly compare the functions of thousands of catalysts. Read more
EC-BLAST compares thousands of enzyme reactions
10 Jan 2014

Change in CDS FTP products

CDS flat file and fasta FTP products are being replaced by new products. Old products to be deprecated by end of March 2014. Read more
10 Jan 2014

Mapping structural data to biological pathways

Reactome and the Protein Data Bank in Europe are pleased to announce that protein structure information is now readily accessible from within the Reactome pathway browser. The two teams have integrated the information captured across these two important data resources in order to facilitate the knowledge-discovery process and better support biologists engaged in biomedical research. Read more
Reactome pathway browser showing links to structural information in the PDB
9 Jan 2014

Reactome releases knowledgebase version 47

This quarterly release of Reactome includes Chromatin modifying enzymes, the first of several pathways planned for the topic Chromatin organisation.Topics with new or revised events include: Read more
Reactome - biological pathways
9 Jan 2014

Webin authentication

From 29 January 2pm onwards submitters may login into all ENA's submission systems (Webin) using the same user name and password.We recommend the use of Webin submission account name (Webin-<number>) as the user name. However, e-mail address or era-drop-<number> FTP account name are also supported.All new submitters will be instructed to use our new FTP server at (port 8021) to upload files.Users of the Webin Data Upload application will be transparently directed to this new FTP service. Read more