EMBL-EBI appoints John Marioni as new Head of Research

John Marioni, Head of Research at EMBL-EBI. Photo credit: Jeff Dowling

EMBL-EBI appoints John Marioni as new Head of Research

30 Nov 2020 - 17:58


  • John Marioni has been appointed as the new Head of Research at EMBL-EBI
  • The Head of Research is responsible for setting the vision, strategy and scientific direction of the research taking place at EMBL-EBI
  • In this role, Marioni plans to build connections across all EMBL sites and the wider scientific community

1 December 2020, Cambridge John Marioni has been named EMBL-EBI’s new Head of Research, set to start on 19 March 2021. In his new role, Marioni will be responsible for setting the vision, strategy and scientific direction of research at EMBL-EBI.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome John as our new Head of Research,” says Ewan Birney, Deputy Director General of EMBL and Director of EMBL-EBI. “He has some fantastic ideas for the direction of research at EMBL-EBI, as well as excellent plans to build strong connections across the EMBL sites, and, more widely, with our partner institutes including our close neighbour, the University of Cambridge.”

Marioni joined EMBL-EBI as a Research Group Leader in Computational and Evolutionary Genomics in 2010. He shares a joint appointment at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute within the University of Cambridge. Since joining EMBL-EBI, Marioni has been involved in many large-scale projects including the Human Cell Atlas (HCA) where he sits on the Organising Committee (OC), and co-chairs the HCA Analysis Working Group (AWG).

“I want people to know EMBL-EBI as the world's leading institute for computational biology research, but also as an organisation where people are happy and the environment is stimulating,” says Marioni. “This is what I want to achieve together with my colleagues, by building on the strong foundations we already have. To achieve this, I think it's essential to leverage the resources and expertise available across all the EMBL sites, and to recruit from areas that are complementary to the transversal themes we are building across EMBL including the application of the theoretical approaches, multicellular dynamics and microbial ecosystems to name a few.”

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