EMBL-EBI Announcements

Close-up of mosquito on skin. Infravec2 collaboration with EMBL-EBI. Credit: Shutterstock

30 Jul 2018

Fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases

EU-funded Infravec2 releases no-cost resources for scientists fighting mosquito-transmitted diseases

Wheat against a blue sky. New wheat genome assembly in Ensembl. Credit: International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium

18 Jul 2018

Latest wheat assembly now available in Ensembl

New wheat genome assembly IWGSC RefSeq v1.0, which ‘maps’ the highly complex wheat genome is now available through EMBL-EBI’s Ensembl Plants

Graphic representation of single cell

30 May 2018

First Single Cell Expression resource at EMBL-EBI

Expression Atlas resource launches first collection of systematically reprocessed single-cell RNA sequencing data from a range of species

Identifiers.org logo on white background

08 May 2018

New global standards for biomedical data citation

Identifiers.org establish compact identifiers to improve long-term and consistent data citation