EMBL-EBI Announcements

Graphic of checklist on mathematical background

25 Mar 2021

Improving reproducibility in systems biology

BioModels designs an eight-point scorecard to improve mathematical model reproducibility in the life sciences 

Top left: Rolf Apweiler; Top right: Ewan Birney; Bottom left: Jo McEntyre; Bottom right: Paul Flicek

04 Mar 2021

If you value open data, we need your help

An appeal to EMBL-EBI users from the institute’s Directors Ewan Birney and Rolf Apweiler, and Associate Directors Jo McEntyre and Paul Flicek.

Protein structures on background symbolising machine learning.

02 Mar 2021

Pfam releases structures for every protein family

New deep learning method accurately predicts structures for the large majority of protein families, opening new avenues to explore the hidden world of proteins

Illustration of open padlock on chain to symbolise open SARS-CoV-2 data

04 Feb 2021

Show your support for open COVID-19 data

Open letter galvanises life science community in support of open COVID-19 data to speed up research

Image of Brige of Sighs in Cambridge, UK, with animated microbes in the river water.

19 Jan 2021

Monitoring dangerous bacteria in freshwater

Freshwater sports such as swimming or rowing can cause waterborne infections, but real-time DNA sequencing could help

Protein-inspired painting. Credit: Charlotte Agnew.

22 Dec 2020

Discover the wonderful world of proteins: first virtual PDB Art exhibition

Inspired by the macromolecular structures in the Protein Data Bank in Europe, schoolchildren create exquisite artworks for virtual exhibition

Portrait of John Marioni in EBI South Building

08 Dec 2020

John Marioni honoured by prestigious Blavatnik Awards

John Marioni, named finalist in the annual Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the United Kingdom

Microscopy image of radiolarians – unicellular organisms found in the upper layers of the ocean. They are major exporters of organic carbon to the deep ocean.

19 Nov 2020

Microbiomes help predict the future of the Atlantic

Microbiomes, plastics, and connectivity – understanding the fabric of the Atlantic Ocean

DNA strand with giant tweezers to symbolise CRISPR and genome editing techniques

18 Nov 2020

Genome Targeting Catalogue: unlocking CRISPR research

A new public repository for CRISPR experiments from dozens of species