Grace Mugumbate, Data Curator

Grace Mugumbate, Data Curator

I always had an inquisitive mind and was fascinated by chemistry, wanting to know the answers to questions such as: what is matter? What is an atom? What is a protein? And what is the role of chemistry in the life sciences? Grace Mugumbate, Chemistry Data Curator at EMBL-EBI


Grace Mugumbate, Chemistry Data Curator, EMBL-EBI

"As a high school student in Zimbabwe, where very few girls joined science classes, a question of a very different nature got in the way: I am a woman – how can I be good in science and inspire other women? An inspiring teacher and mentors shone a light on opportunities for me to become one. I managed to see past the male-scientist stereotype and proceeded to do a PhD in Chemistry, in Cape Town, South Africa.

"Through collaborations and the desire to participate in interdisciplinary research in an international atmosphere a door was opened for me at EMBL-EBI. Here, I have the freedom to satisfy my curiosity in drug discovery and life sciences, working on target identification and validation of anti-tuberculosis compounds, aiming to help tackle a killer disease that affects millions worldwide.

"Having support from the EMBL community, opportunities to work with renowned scientists like John Overington, participating at local and international conferences and establishing collaborations helped me to excel. The exposure, the experiences and the inspiration from female leaders such as Janet Thornton, former EMBL-EBI director, continue to shine the light on massive opportunities. Indeed, there are no limits, no boundaries and our potential is limitless – it is all about how you see yourself."

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