Seminar types and contacts

Seminars at EMBL-EBI

Seminars on the Wellcome Genome Campus are essential to our on-going scientific discourse, and cover a very wide range of scientific and technical topics. These events feature distinguished speakers from our own community and from leading institutes throughout the world.

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Seminars Committee

Our Seminars Committee can help you with any questions you might have about seminars at EMBL-EBI. Contact Chuck Cook, Scientific Services Manager:

About our seminar series

Distinguished Lecture series

EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute invite prominent scientists to present to the Campus on topics of widespread interest to the community. Speaker travel and accommodation are covered in full, and the event is advertised widely.

If you would like to propose a distinguished speaker, please contact the Seminars Committee: The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute administration team will assist with logistics and promotion.

Pink Seminars

In this long-standing EMBL lecture series, senior scientists present their current work in the Kendrew Lecture Theatre at EMBL-EBI, and are available to meet with members of staff throughout the day.

Each of these talks is hosted by a student in the EMBL International PhD Programme, and takes place at 14.00 on the first Tuesday of the month.

Suggestions for speakers are very welcome, and can be directed to Chuck Cook. The Research Office provides logistical support.

EBI seminar series

This series takes place on Tuesdays at 14:00. Invited external speakers present work of interest to the wider EMBL-EBI community. Financial support includes up to two nights’ accommodation, and European, economy-class flights (Trans-Atlantic flights can be covered up to £500).

EMBL-EBI groups often invite collaborators to give a talk relating to a specific, shared project; for these events, the group will make separate arrangements for covering travel and accommodation (see Ad hoc Seminars).

If you would like to propose a speaker, contact Daniel Zerbino or Maria Martin ( The Research Office will assist with logistics and promotion.

Research Tea Talks

This weekly seminar series provides opportunities for EMBL-EBI researchers to exchange ideas, share knowledge and bolster training. The Tea Talks, open to all EMBL-EBI and Sanger Institute researchers, provide a forum for predocs and postdocs to shape ideas for new, interesting projects and to identify ways to collaborate more effectively. Held on Thursdays from 15.30 to 16.30, Tea Talks feature a seminar followed by questions and informal discussion over tea (don’t forget to bring your own hot drink! Moritz Gerstung ( coordinates the research tea talks.

Notes for EMBL-EBI staff

Presenters will be asked to supply a title for their tea talk to the Research Office, who will provide details about the session chair and presentation requirements (e.g. 20-minute time limit). The session chair works with the presenter to ensure the talks are concise and conducive to further discussion. If you would like to propose a speaker, please consult with your Group Leader before sending your suggestion to the Research Office (

The research office ( also provides logistical support for Pink Seminars and the EBI seminar serie.

Technical seminar series

Technical seminars are given by internal and external speakers on topics of computational interests such as software, databases, networking, and cloud computing. To speak, or suggest a speaker, contact Daniel Vaughan:

Ad hoc Seminars (external seminars)

Any member of personnel is welcome to invite a scientist to give a seminar, with approval of his or her supervisor or team leader. These seminars are typically given by visitors who are on campus for other business, or who live locally.

If you work at EMBL-EBI and would like to invite a speaker, coordinate with your group secretary to ensure your talk has the appropriate support for logistics (e.g. room availability, potential calendar conflicts) and promotion. Please note that any costs associated with this event are normally the responsibility of the group, and require approval from the budget holder.