Bio-imaging for dummies

Ardan Patwardhan

<h4>Ardan Patwardhan</h4> 

Ugis Sarkans

<h4>Ugis Sarkans</h4> 

Ilinca Tudose

<h4>Ilinca Tudose</h4> 
The study of cellular and molecular structure is of utmost importance for gaining a deeper understanding of how biology works at the microscopic level. The bioimaging field has been growing rapidly thanks to recent advances in cryo electron microscopy and the development of new imaging techniques. EBI plays a key role by contributing to the hosting and management of bioimaging archives, in facilitating community-wide bioimaging initiatives, and in improving the integration of bioimaging data with other bioinformatics data. This seminar aims to provide bite-sized introductions to these resources and initiatives and is open to everyone.
13:00 Introduction - Ardan Patwardhan
13:15 Biostudies - Ugis Sarkans 
14:00 Carpe di-EM - Ardan Patwardhan 
14:45 PhenoImageShare - Ilinca Tudose
15:30 Meeting wrap-up - Ardan Patwardhan
15:40 Coffee/tea & biscuits
EMBL-EBI - Kendrew Lecture Theatre
Wellcome Genome Campus Hinxton Cambridge CB10 1SD United Kingdom

The Kendrew Lecture Theatre in EMBL-EBI's South Building, situated with a view towards the amphitheatre, seats 150 people. The lecture theatre is equipped with three cameras for recording events remotely.


Type: Ad hoc talk

When: Friday 13 January 2017; 1:00pm to 4:00pm

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