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About EMBL-EBI seminar series

Seminars on the Wellcome Genome Campus are essential to our on-going scientific discourse, and cover a very wide range of scientific and technical topics. These events feature distinguished speakers from our own community and from leading institutes throughout the world.

Distinguished Lecture Series

EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute invite prominent scientists from around the world to present on topics of widespread interest to the community. More about the Distinguished Lecture Series »

Pink Seminars (EMBL Speakers)

In this long-standing EMBL lecture series, senior scientists present their current work in the Kendrew Lecture Theatre at EMBL-EBI. More about Pink Seminars »

EBI seminar series (ESS)

Invited external speakers present work of interest to the wider EMBL-EBI community. More about this series »

Research Tea Talks (EMBL-EBI speakers)

The Tea Talks, open to all EMBL-EBI and Sanger Institute researchers, provide a forum for predocs and postdocs to shape ideas for new, interesting projects and to identify ways to collaborate more effectively. More about Tea Talks »

Technical seminar series

Internal and invited external speakers presenting on technical issues and open to anyone on campus. More about this series »

Ad hoc seminars

EMBL-EBI staff may invite a scientist to give a seminar. These are typically given by visitors who are on campus for other business, or who live locally. More about Add-hoc Seminars »

Have a speaker to nominate or add?

If you would like to nominate a speaker for any of our seminar series, please contact the series organiser. View the list of seminar types and organizers »

Previous seminars

Many speakers are kind enough to share their presentations with EMBL-EBI staff. You can find these at »

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