Pepinfo (EMBOSS)

Create a variety of plots that display different amino acid properties, such as hydropathy or charged residues, and their position in the sequence

Launch Pepinfo

Pepstats (EMBOSS)

Calculate properties of your protein such as molecular weight

Launch Pepstats

Pepwindow (EMBOSS)

Draw a hydropathy plot for your protein sequence

Launch Pepwindow


Evaluate a wide variety of additional protein sequence properties

Launch SAPS

Cpgplot (EMBOSS)

Identify and plot CpG islands in nucleotide sequence(s)

Launch Cpgplot

Newcpgreport (EMBOSS)

Identify CpG islands in nucleotide sequence(s)

Launch Newcpgreport

Isochore (EMBOSS)

Plot isochores in DNA sequences

Launch Isochore

Dotmatcher (EMBOSS)

Draw a threshold dotplot of two sequences

Launch Dotmatcher

Dotpath (EMBOSS)

Draw a non-overlapping wordmatch dotplot of two sequences

Launch Dotpath

Dottup (EMBOSS)

Display a wordmatch dotplot of two sequences

Launch Dottup

Polydot (EMBOSS)

Draw dotplots for all-against-all comparison of a sequence set

Launch Polydot

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