The Geuvadis project aims to bring together the knowledge and resources on medical genome and transcriptome sequencing in Europe. This browser is for viewing results of the Geuvadis RNA-sequencing project, where mRNA and small RNA sequencing data from lymphoblastoid cell lines of 465 individuals were combined with genome sequencing data of the same individuals provided by the 1000 Genomes Project, in order to characterize regulatory variation in human populations. The samples in this project are from five populations, with 89-95 samples analyzed in each: the CEPH (CEU), Finns (FIN), British (GBR), Toscani (TSI) and Yoruba (YRI), of which CEU, FIN, GBR and TSI were analyzed jointly as EUR. Please cite Lappalainen et al. 2013 Nature [ ] in presentations and publications using this data. For further details of methods and data usage, see the Geuvadis RNA-sequencing project webpage: This browser is for visualization and download of exon and transcript quantifications of protein-coding genes and miRNAs, and quantitative trait loci (QTL) for exon expression levels (eQTL), transcript ratios (trQTL), and miRNA expression levels (mirQLTs). If you have any questions about tracks, data and the browser, please contact Andrew Tikhonov.

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