ArchSchema download instructions

You can download ArchSchema to run locally from your own machine. Note, however, you only download the code and not the data. Thus you will need to be connected to the Internet whenever you perform a search from within ArchSchema. The search initiates a call to the EBI which returns the data to ArchSchema for graphing.

1. Download and install JRE

As ArchSchema is written in java, you will first need to ensure that you have the most recent version of the Sun Java runtime environment (JRE) installed on your machine.

You can obtain java from Sun using the link below:

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)

Follow the appropriate installation instructions in the documentation on the downloads page.

Download ArchSchema

Once java is installed, click on the link below to download ArchSchema. This will download a single gzipped tar file, ArchSchema.tar.gz. Save the file in the directory where you wish the executables to be stored.

ArchSchema jar file and libraries


On a Windows machine, appropriate directories might be:
C:\       or       C:\Program Files

You can use WinZip to unzip all the files into your chosen directory. This will create a directory called ArchSchema and various subdirectories beneath that.

Run the program by double-clicking on the ArchSchema.jar file. You can create a short-cut to this file, move the short-cut to your desktop and then change its icon to the one supplied (archschema.ico).


Under linux, simply move the ArchSchema.tar.gz file to the appropriate destination and then gunzip and untar it as follows:
gunzip ArchSchema.tar.gz
tar -xvf ArchSchema.tar
Again, this will create a directory called ArchSchema and various subdirectories beneath that.

To run the program, type:

java   -Xmx128m   -cp   [path]   -jar   [path]ArchSchema.jar
where [path] is the directory where the ArchSchema.jar file is.

To make your life easier, you can create an alias for the above command in your .cshrc file. For example:

alias   ArchSchema   'java   -Xmx128m   -cp   /usr/bin/ArchSchema/   -jar   /usr/bin/ArchSchema/ArchSchema.jar'

If you use bash, then add the following to your .bashrc file:

export   ArchSchema='java   -cp   /usr/bin/ArchSchema/   -jar   /usr/bin/ArchSchema/ArchSchema.jar'