ArchSchema - graphs of related Pfam domain architectures

ArchSchema is a java webstart application that generates dynamic plots of related Pfam domain architectures. The protein sequences having each architecture can be displayed on the plot and separately listed. Where there is 3D structural information in the PDB, the relevant PDB codes can be shown on the plot. Sequences can be be filtered by organism, or the output can be limited to just those protein sequences for which there is structural information in the PDB. For more information, click on the Description link in the left-hand panel.

Search by UniProt sequence id, or by Pfam domain id

A. UniProt sequence id :    Example: "P42371","FPG_LACLC"
B. Pfam domain id :    Example: "PF01335"


- ArchSchema requires that you have a reasonable up-to-date version of Java installed (v.1.5 or later). It will probably not work under non-Sun versions of java (eg RedHat OpenJDK). It does not work on the Mac's Java version 1.5.0_20 or earlier.

To see which version of Java your browser uses, go to: Java tester




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