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11 April 2016 - Beta version of new QuickGO available
QuickGO Tips
Search and Filter GO annotation sets

Extensive filters are available from this page to allow the generation of specific subsets of GO annotations, mapped to sequence identifiers of your choice.

Investigate GO slims

GO slims are lists of GO terms that have been selected from the full set of terms available from the Gene Ontology project.

GO slims can be used to generate a focused view of part of the GO, or with annotation data they can be used to see how a set of proteins/genes can be broadly categorized (using annotation data and the relationships that exist between terms in the ontologies).

Further information on GO slims can be found at the GO Consortium web site.

View the history of changes to GO

This page allows you to view the changes to GO, optionally filtered by date, term identifier, or type of change.

Other resources for GO analysis
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