Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann


Current Position

Research Group Leader
Rebholz Group (Text Mining)
European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD
tel: 0044 1223 492594
email: rebholz(at)

Training (1967-1993)

1967-1971 Heinrich-Heine Preparatory School, Darmstadt (D)
1971-1981 High School, Koenigswinter (D)
High School in West Alexandria, Ohio (U.S.A., 1978/1979)
1981-1982 Mathematics and Computer Science, Friedrich-Wilhelm University of Bonn (D)
1982-1988 Studies in medicine, Heinrich-Heine University of Duesseldorf (D)
1985-1989 Ph.D. in immunology, Medical Institute of Hygiene, Duesseldorf (D)
1988-1993 Master in Computer Science, University of Passau

Employment (1988-today)

1989-1995 Medical doctor at the nursing school, Hospital Passau (HC: 90)
1993-1995 Senior Software Developer, Krammer&Partner GmbH, Passau
1995-1998 Senior Scientist, gsf - National Research Center for Environment and Health, Munich (D), Medical Informatics, Image analysis + 3D visualization (HC: 3)
1998-2003 Director Healthcare IT, LION bioscience AG, Heidelberg (D); Heading the research team in text mining (HC: 14)
2003-today Research Group Leader at the EBI, research topic is text mining (HC: 16)
(HC = max. team size)

Cosmopolitics (1978-today)

1978/1979 Student exchange visit to the U.S.A attending 1 year in high school
Aug 1985 Internship at the University hospital "La Timone" Marseille (F)
1987-1988 Internship in surgery at the University hospital Nantes (F, 1st surgeon on appendektomie and vasektomie)
Aug 1991 Participant in the Curso de Verao, Lisbon (P)
2003-today Employment at the EBI (U.K.)

Funded Projects

2000-2003 Bio-Path
2004-2007 Network of Excellence: Semantic Mining
2005-2006 SYMBiomatics
2006-2009 BOOTStrep
2007-2010 Elixir
2008-2011 UKPMC
2009-2011 CALBC