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CELLNOPT.DATA (a.k.a sampleModels)


The package cellnopt.data provides data sets and models used in various references that involve CellNOpt software. It also provides tools to ease the access to these data sets and models. For instance, the following code returns the path of the model PKN-ToyMMB.sif that is installed in your system (installed with this package):

from cellnopt.data import cnodata
filename = cnodata("PKN-ToyMMB.sif")

If you want to add your own pair of data/model in this package, please visit http://www.cellnopt.org. If you have access to the SVN repository, see the How to add a model and data set section.



files and images corresponding to the data sets and models can be found in the summary section together with references.


If you only want to get/download a model or MIDAS data set, there is no need to install cellnopt.data: just browse those pages.

Would you still want to download the package in its integrity, cellnopt.data is available on PyPi. The following command should install the package and its dependencies automatically:

pip install --upgrade cellnopt.data