Aleksandra (Ola) Kolodziejczyk


I did my undergraduate studies in biotechnology as a part of Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology Program, a course offered by the Consortium of European Universities, held at University of Perugia in Italy. Subsequently I completed MSc course in Molecular Biosciences at University of Heidelberg.

Throughout my studies I participated in several different projects. During my undergraduate studies I did two summer projects: one in understanding GSK3 kinase inhibitors (lab of Prof van Leuven, KU Leuven) and the other on NF-kB interaction with methylated DNA (lab of Prof Fersht, MRC LMB). My BSc thesis project was focused on crystallisation of peroxisomal translocon protein Pex19 (lab of Dr Wilmanns, EMBL Hamburg). During my Master studies I was involved in two synthetic biology projects, one aimed to develop protein expression system regulated by temperature (lab of Prof Sourjik, ZMBH) and the other was a project for iGEM competition in which we developed system allowing precise tuning of gene expression in a tissue specific manner. Except that, I investigated sumoylation of nuclear transport receptors (lab of Prof Melchior, ZMBH). The project I was working on during my MSc was concentrated on understanding chemotaxis of E. coli towards quorum sensing molecule autoinducer-2 (lab of Prof Sourjik, ZMBH).

During my time at EBI/Sanger I am going to focus on understanding gene regulation underlying process of T cell differentiation using RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq, combining wet lab and computational work.