Who’s Who?


Cath Brooksbank Head: Training Programme

Cath joined the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute in 2002 to develop the EMBL-EBI’s outreach programme, and extended her responsibilities to include user training in 2006. Her team now coordinates a wide-ranging portfolio of activities reaching tens of thousands of individuals each year. She co-chaired ELIXIR’s training workpackage, which developed a pan-European strategy to train the growing and diversifying users of Europe’s public-domain biological databases. She also works with the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s Education and Training projects to develop their joint strategy on course quality. Before joining EMBL-EBI, Cath spent a decade as an editor of scientific review journals, cutting her teeth with the Elsevier Trends Journals before launching Nature Reviews Cancer. A brief dalliance with medicine at the University of Oxford led her to seek solace in molecules in Cambridge, where she completed her PhD in biochemistry under the guidance of Robin Irvine.

Sarah Morgan Training Programme Manager

Sarah has a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Sciences, a PhD from Cranfield University and an MA in Healthcare Law and Ethics from the University of Manchester. Over a 10 year academic career her research has focused on tumour biomarker characterisation and cell-surface interaction. Beyond research she took an active role in the provision of postgraduate taught courses for the University as Lecturer in Molecular Medicine, leading the development and direction of a number of MSc Courses including the MSc in Translational Medicine, the MSc in Molecular Medicine, and more recently acting as director for the MSc Programmes in Advanced Biosciences.  She has lectured on a variety of biomedical techniques and topics, including ethics and governance of research.  

Richard Grandison Scientific Training Officer - eLearning

Richard is the Scientific Training Officer (eLearning) for the Training Team at EMBL-EBI. He is responsible for monitoring and maintaining EMBL-EBI’s Train online eLearning portal and developing new online training courses in collaboration with subject-matter experts.

Richard has a BSc in Zoology and a PhD in the biology of ageing from University College London. Before joining the team, he worked at the Royal Society of Chemistry to develop eLearning resources and websites for chemistry students and teachers. Richard has also worked as an online editor for Faculty of 1000 and as a medical writer. 

Tom Hancocks Scientific Training Officer - BioMedBridges

Tom Hancocks is a Scientific Training Officer (BioMedBridges) for the Training team at EMBL-EBI.

He studied Human Genetics at the University of Leeds and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario; before completing an MSc in Analytical Genomics at the University of Birmingham.

Tom has worked for the NHS in diagnostic genetics and in bioinformatics training for healthcare scientists and clinicians.




Katrina Costa Senior Scientific Engagement Officer

Katrina Costa is the Senior Scientific Engagement Officer at EMBL-EBI. In this role, she manages EMBL-EBI's presence at international conferences, manages events that showcase EMBL-EBI to scientists, and promotes the training programme. Katrina gained her MA in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford and her MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College, London. She has worked in the Press team at Cancer Research UK and in the Media Office at the BBSRC. Katrina joined EMBL-EBI in 2009 as the Scientific Outreach Officer, working across a broad range of communications projects and publications.


Joseph Rossetto Web Developer

Joseph Rossetto is a Web Developer in the Web development and Web production teams at EMBL-EBI.  Joseph is involved in the development and maintenance of the main EMBL-EBI website and is developing the EBI Train online web pages.

Thomas Laurent Web Developer (EMBL-EBI alumni)

Thomas Laurent was a Web Developer in the Web development and Web production teams at EMBL-EBI.
He was winvolved in the development and maintenance of the main EMBL-EBI website, EU web portals and the EBI Train online web site.

Francis Rowland Lead User Experience Designer - Web development

Francis user experience (UX) designer in the EBI's core Web Development team, where he works across a range of projects, guiding colleagues throughout the design process.

He tries to make things less complicated for people to use.

Bren Vaughan Team Leader - Web development

Bren Vaughan is the Team Leader of the Web development team at EMBL-EBI where he is responsible for maintaining the EMBL-EBI website and supports teams throughout the organisation in a number of ways. The team maintains and provides access to core services such as document management, project documentation and issue tracking, source code control and user support.

Rodrigo Lopez Head of Web Production

The Web production team, led by Rodrigo Lopez, focuses on three major areas of service: developing and providing platforms for web services; maintaining web infrastructure; and providing robust and secure frameworks for deploying public bioinformatics services. The team maintains and develops the EBI search engine and job dispatcher framework as well as their corresponding SOAP/REST Web Services. Web production also provides access to core services for project management (document management, project documentation and issue tracking, source code control) and user support.
Rodrigo has a Vet. Med Degree from Oslo Vet. Hoyskole and NASAS Cand. Scient. Molecular Toxicology and Informatics 1987 from the University of Oslo. He has been at EMBL-EBI since 1995.

Course content

Course content
Ben Moore Ensembl Outreach Officer - Flicek team: Vertebrate genomics

Ben joined Ensembl as an Outreach Officer in September 2015. As a member of the Outreach team he delivers workshops, answers helpdesk queries, creates training materials and help pages, and manages social media. Before starting at EMBL-EBI, Ben did his PhD in Biological Sciences at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge. Ben has previously hosted the BlueSci science radio show and now organises the annual Cambridge Pint of Science festival.

Helen Sparrow Ensembl Outreach Officer - Flicek team: Vertebrate genomics

Helen joined Ensembl as an Outreach Officer in September 2015. As a member of the Outreach Team she delivers workshops, answers helpdesk queries, creates training materials and help pages, and manages social media. Before starting at EMBL-EBI, Helen did her PhD in environmental biotechnology at the University of York, then worked as the community manager at academia.edu and as a museum educator at the California Academy of Sciences.

Melissa Burke Scientific Curator - Petryszak team: Gene Expression

Melissa Burke is a Scientific Curator in the Functional Genomics Group at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK. She earned a PhD in Molecular Parasitology from the University of Queensland, Australia and worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Australia and the UK with a focus on the functional genomics of host-pathogen interactions.

Joseph Onwubiko Software Engineer
Joannella Morales Scientific Curator - Flicek team: Vertebrate genomics
Martyn Winn Group Leader Computational Biology

Chemist by training, spent 2 years in a theoretical physics department, and now group leader for computational biology. I've worked on software for macromolecular crystallography (CCP4), and am now expanding to other structural biology techniques through the new Instruct Centre and the new CCP in electron cryo-microscopy (CCP-EM). I am also working on modelling and simulation techniques, with a particular connection to high performance computing (CCPBioSim). As well as traditional HPC, I am also interested in data-intensive applications in biology, particular in the context of the Hartree Centre at Daresbury. A current example is algorithms for transcriptome assembly.

Ingvar Lagerstedt Scientific Programmer, BioMedBridges
Marco Brandizi Senior Sofware Engineer, BioMedBridges

I am a software engineer, working mostly on application to manage biomedical data. I am interested in semantic technologies, bio-ontologies, linked data.

More info on my personal site.

Sameer Velankar Team Leader, PDBe content and integration

Sameer is a team leader at the EBI, responsible for content and integration of the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) resource. He earned his PhD in Structural Biology from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India in 1997, working on protein crystallographic studies of thymidylate synthase and triose phosphate isomerase. He then joined Dale Wigley's group in Oxford for post-doctoral research on the elucidation of the mechanism of DNA helicase. He has worked with and contributed to all parts of the PDBe team's operations, from annotation of newly deposited structures to the development of advanced PDBe services.  You can get in touch with Sameer by emailing sameer@ebi.ac.uk.

Anton Petrov Bioinformatician/Web developer - Kersey team: Non-vertebrate genomics

Anton Petrov is a Bioinformatician and Web Developer at EMBL-EBI working on RNAcentral. Before joining the project Anton obtained his PhD in the Leontis lab at BGSU where he worked on databases and web applications for RNA 3D structure analysis and annotation.

Melanie Courtot
George Papadatos Data Integration & Development Officer - Hersey team: ChEMBL
Rob Finn Team Leader, Protein Families

Dr Rob Finn leads EMBL-EBI’s Protein Families team, which is responsible for the InterPro, Pfam, MEROPS and Rfam data resources as well as the HMMER web searches. Rob joined EMBL-EBI in 2014 from the HHMI Janelia Research Campus in the US, where he led a group that designed fast, web-based, interactive protein sequence searches and annotations. Between 2001-2010, he was the project leader for Pfam at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK. Rob’s academic background is in microbiology and he holds a PhD in biochemistry from Imperial College, London.

Sanchayita Sen Project Leader PDB/EMDB curation - Kleywegt team: Protein Data Bank in Europe
Klemens Pichler Scientific Database Curator - O'Donovan team: UniProt content
Namrata Kale Scientific Database Curator - Steinbeck team: Cheminformatics and metabolism

Namrata S. Kale obtained her PhD in natural product chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. She is currently a member of the Cheminformatics and Metabolism group at EMBL-EBI, where she works as a curator for ChEBI and MetaboLights databases.

Jon Chambers Data Integration & Development Officer

Jon is a Data Integration and Development Officer for the ChEMBL team at EMBL-EBI.

He obtained a degree in biochemistry and then a PhD in molecular pharmacology. He then worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry, working on cloned GPCRs and then various screening and data integration projects. He joined the ChEMBL Group at EMBL-EBI in 2010.

Marc Rossello Bioinformatician - Cochrane team: European Nucleotide Archive
Penelope Coggill Pfam annotator

Penny Coggill has been working as an annotator, creating Pfam entries for the Pfam database since 2007, when it was housed at the Sanger Institute. She gained a first degree from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences, a Masters from Aberdeen University in Animal Nutrition and has been working in the science of DNA sequencing and then the genetics of the MHC region in humans and primates since first joining the Sanger Centre in 1999. 

Ruth Eberhardt Visitor - Finn team: Protein families
Birgit Meldal Scientific Database Curator (Molecular Interaction & Complexes) - Orchard Team: Molecular Interactions

Birgit Meldal joined EMBL-EBI in 2012 as a Scientific Curator for the molecular interactions database IntAct. Her work focuses on curating macromolecular complexes into the Complex Portal, and she also contributes to the Gene Ontology. Birgit is a trainer for the IntAct and Reactome databases. She gained her PhD from the University of Southampton (in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London) in 2004, having built the first comprehensive molecular phylogeny of the phylum Nematoda. She followed this with postdoctoral positions at the University of Cambridge working on the function of the breast cancer gene EMSY and on molecular epidemiology and host-virus interactions of transfusion-transmissible, blood-borne viruses (Hepatitis B and Hepatitis E virus).

Terry Meehan Project co-Leader, Mouse Informatics - Parkinson team: Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies
Sangya Pundir User Experience Manager - Martin team: UniProt development

Sangya Pundir is a User Experience (UX) Manager in EMBL-EBI’s UniProt team, where she established a user-centred process for the redesign of the world’s leading protein resource. To make UniProt easy for researchers to explore, Sangya conducts usability testing and information-gathering methods such as card sorting, contextual studies and workshops. Before she came to EMBL-EBI, Sangya worked at a healthcare consultancy, designing bespoke management systems. She holds an MSc in Biotechnology, bioprocessing and business management from the University of Warwick.

Gary Saunders Genetic Variation Scientific Curator - Paschall team: Variation
Gary Saunders is an EBI curator of the European Variation Archive and related resources: the Database of Genomics Variants archive and the European Genome-phenome Archive. It is Gary's responsibility to manage the data within these resource(s) to ensure accuracy, clarity and discoverability. Previous to this position, Gary was a curator of the GENCODE project, which provides the gene set for the Ensembl genome browser.
Gary moved into curation following the completion of his PhD at the University of Glasgow, where he employed a variety of phylogenomic and bioinformatic methods to investigate drug resistance in nematode parasites of human and livestock importance. ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7468-0008
Abhik Mukhopadhyay Scientific Database Curator - Kleywegt team: Protein Data Bank in Europe
Vera Matser Scientific Training & Dissemination Officer - Industry Programme office

Vera Matser is the Scientific Training and Dissemination Officer for the EU FP7 project Data Infrastructure for Chemical Safety (diXa) and part of the Industry Programme Office.
She is in the process of completing her PhD in Plant Developmental Genetics at the University of York.

Sarah Burge Visitor - Finn team: Protein families
Gary Battle Project Leader Outreach - Kleywegt team: Protein Data Bank in Europe (EMBL-EBI alumni)

Gary was the outreach coordinator for the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe). He was responsible for helping users with a broad range of backgrounds and interests to make the most of macromolecular structural data. Gary has a PhD is synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Warwick. Before joining the EMBL-EBI, he worked for over 10 years at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre where he gained a wealth of experience in supporting software tools and data resources for pharmaceutical discovery, life science research and materials design.  

Stephan Beisken PhD Student – Steinbeck team: Cheminformatics and Metabolism, (EMBL-EBI alumni)

Stephan was a PhD student based in the Cheminformatics and Metabolism team at the European Bioinformatics Institute. His research focused on mass spectrometry data processing and analysis as well as metabolite identification in metabolomics. This work involved the development of new software and nodes for different platforms. He was also the  developer of the KNIME-CDK nodes in KNIME. Stephan Beisken graduated from the University of Applied Sciences NTA Isny, Germany, with a Diploma in pharmaceutical chemistry and received a Master of Research in bioinformatics from the University of Glasgow, UK.

Laura Emery Scientific Training Officer - Training

Laura completed her undergraduate degree in Genetics (BSc first class hons) at the University of Nottingham. After dabbling in experimental work on a summer placement at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, she found joy in using computer-based analyses to explore biological questions. Laura completed her PhD in Evolutionary Genetics at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute of Evolutionary Biology. There she used a bioinformatics approach to investigate patterns of codon usage in Archaea while under the supervision of Prof Paul Sharp FRS.

She also worked as a postdoc at the University of Manchester, where she explored molecular co-evolution among interacting proteins. Having obtained qualified teacher status (QTS), Laura joined EMBL-EBI as a Scientific Training Officer in 2012 and is responsible for the development and delivery of training courses.

Reza Salek Project Manager (COSMOS), MetaboLights Senior Scientific Database Curator: Cheminformatics and metabolism

Reza Salek was awarded his PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from University College London, UK. Currently, he is managing and coordinating a large EU infrastructure project on metabolomics standards COSMOS (Coordination of Standards in Metabolomics) as well MetaboLights, the first open-access, general-purpose metabolomics repository curation efforts. COSMOS aims to set and promote community standards that will make it easier to disseminate metabolomics data through life science e-infrastructures. In the past Reza Salek has worked as scientific investigator at the Medical Research Council HNR unit in the Lipid Signalling group. Reza Salek is also a research visitor and former research associate at the University of Cambridge, Biochemistry Department. In addition, he is member of the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, Cambridge Neuroscience and Cambridge Cancer Centre. In the past he has been involved in large national and international consortiums and metabolomics projects on breast cancer biomarker discovery based on integrated NMR and mass spectrometry metabolomics (MetaCancer- www.metacancer-fp7.eu/), animal models and clinical trials on Type 2 diabetes (GSK) and animal models of neurological disorders (Babraham Institute) during his work at Cambridge University, gaining insight working both within academic and industrial environments. Reza is also the main organizer of the “EMBO Practical Course on Metabolomics Bioinformatics for Life Scientists” for 2013
 and 2014.

Andrew Cowley Bioinformatics Trainer - Web production

Andrew studied Biochemistry at Cambridge before moving to York University for post-graduate studies in Bioinformatics and then Structural Bioinformatics, in particular working on the identification of distinctive features of protein structure. He then worked as a Bioinformatics specialist for BBSRC Bioscience IT Services before taking up his current position in the External Services team at the EBI where he provides training, support and documentation.

Tobias Ternent Bioinformatician - Hermjakob group

Tobias is a curator for the PRIDE team (2013), and previously a curator for the ArrayExpress team (2011). Before joining the EMBL-EBI, he studied a Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Manchester (2005), and later a Master's in BioHealth Informatics in the same department (2010) which involved collaboration with the KNH-Centre for Biomedical and Forensic Egyptology. Along the way, his working experience has included a few software companies, and in particular managing clinical trial data for AstraZeneca for translational informatics.

Adam Faulconbridge Bioinformatician - Parkinson team: Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies

Adam has been a bioinformatician on the BioSamples Database since he joined EMBL-EBI in 2011, and is involved in data management, curation, and software development activities. Prior to EMBL-EBI, Adam completed his PhD and MRes (Bioinformatics) at the University of York, and his BSc in Genetics at the University of Nottingham.

Johanna McEntyre Team Leader - McEntyre team: Literature services

PhD in plant biology, Manchester Metropolitan University, 1990. Editor, Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Elsevier, Cambridge, UK, 1997. Staff Scientist, NCBI, National Library of Medicine, NIH, USA, 2009. Team Leader at EMBL-EBI since 2009.

Philip Rossiter Project Manager for Europe PMC - McEntyre team: Literature services

Philip Rossiter is the Europe PMC Project Manager at EMBL-EBI. In this role, he is responsible for the delivery of the Europe PMC Funders’ Development Plan, as well as being committed to ensuring that the Europe PMC service is delivered to the highest standards. Philip has a degree in Engineering but has always worked in IT, originally as a programmer, then transitioning to project and programme management. Philip joined EMBL-EBI in December 2011, his previous employment includes Cancer Research UK, Amgen, Arup and Instron.

Maria Keays Bioinformatician - Brazma team: Functional Genomics

Maria studied Biology at the University of Bath, going on to an MSc in Bioinformatics at the University of Leicester followed by a PhD in evolutionary biology at the University of St. Andrews. She joined the Functional Genomics group at EMBL-EBI in 2011, and works on various projects for ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas.

Denise Carvalho-Silva Ensembl Outreach Officer

Denise joined the Ensembl Outreach team in September 2011 and has been training and supporting worldwide communities on the usage of both Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes databases through workshop, social media and helpdesk. She got a PhD degree in Biochemistry (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil), a post-doctoral training in Genetics (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia) and was a Research Associate in Human Evolution at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Hinxton, UK). She has also worked as a Senior Computer Biologist in the HAVANA team on the GENCODE, EUCOMM and Pig Genome projects before joining the EMBL-EBI.

Gareth Owen Scientific Database Curator

Gareth Owen is a member of the Cheminformatics and Metabolism group at the EBI, where he works as curator and project manager for the ChEBI database. Gareth obtained his PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Leeds University. He continued practising bench chemistry in a collaborative project with the Biotechnology unit at Sheffield University, synthesising radioactive intermediates that were used as part of an effort to produce morphine from microorganisms. He subsequently moved into the area of cheminformatics, designing and building both reaction and molecule databases for ORAC Ltd and later for Synopsys and Accelrys, before joining EMBL-EBI in 2010.

Hubert Denise Bioinformatician, Metagenomics

Hubert Denise is a Bioinformatician in the Metagenomics group at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. He joined EMBL-EBI in 2012. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and has been involved in several research projects in the areas of infective diseases and comparative genomics.

Kenneth Haug MetaboLights Project Manager and Software Engineer

Ken Haug joined the EBI in 2009 and is currently a Project Manager and Software Engineer in the Cheminformatics and Metabolism group. Ken studied IT in Oslo before joining Oracle in Norway as an IT Manager and later a Solution Architect for Oracle Consulting. 10 years ago Ken moved to the UK and worked for the next 6 years for an Oracle-focused consultancy in London/Reading, working on various projects as a customer-facing Project Manager and Consultant.

Emily Perry Ensembl Outreach Project Leader

Emily is the Outreach Project Leader for Ensembl: she is responsible for the team that teaches workshops, creates training materials and help pages, manages social media, answers helpdesk queries and aids development of new tools for the resource. Emily started at EMBL-EBI as an Ensembl Outreach Officer in September 2012 and became the Project Leader in March 2015. Before working at EMBL-EBI, Emily did her PhD in molecular biology at the MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh, then worked for the University of Edinburgh's SCI-FUN group, touring Scottish secondary schools with an interactive science roadshow.

Nicolas Le Novère Group Leader

Nicolas Le Novère is Group Leader at the Babraham Institute and the European Bioinformatics Institute. He studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at École Normale Supérieure, Evolution at University Paris XI, Biophysics and Pharmacology at University Paris VI. After his PhD thesis on the structure and function of neuronal nicotinic receptors with Jean-Pierre Changeux at the Pasteur Institute, he pursued post doctoral training in modelling bacterial chemotaxis with Dennis Bray at the University of Cambridge (UK). His two main scientific interests are now Computational Systems Biology and the study of neuronal function. Beside modelling, he is interested in developing tools, resources, standards and ontologies for Systems Biology.

Camille Laibe BioModels.net Coordinator

Camille Laibe is the Coordinator of the BioModels.net team, which is responsible for developing and maintaining resources and services such as BioModels Database, the MIRIAM Registry, Identifiers.org and the Systems Biology Ontology. Camille joined EMBL-EBI in 2006 as a Software Engineer. Before this, he studied Computational Sciences and Bioinformatics at Blaise Pascal University, France.

Rafael Alcántara Software Engineer (IntEnz)

Rafael Alcántara studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), where he obtained his PhD in 1993 with a thesis on a high-affinity glycine transporter for the central nervous system. After this he worked as a laboratory analyst in the pharmacy and chemistry industry. Since Rafael has always found computers and programming languages appealing - he studied them in his spare time - he finally switched careers in 2001 to work as a Java Developer. Since 2005 he has worked as a Software Engineer in the Cheminformatics and Metabolism Group at EMBL-EBI.

Steve Jupe Biology Project Coordinator: Reactome (EBI)

Steve Jupe is the Biology Coordinator for the Reactome project in the Proteomics Services team at the European Bioinformatics Institute. His role is primarily the identification and addition of new topics to Reactome, particularly in the areas of immune signalling and haemostasis. Steve has a BSc in Biology and for his PhD he researched the growth-regulating activity of the plant hormones gibberellin and ethylene at UCW Aberystwyth, obtaining his PhD in 1989. This was followed by postdoctoral positions at the Institute for Arable Crops Research, Rothamsted and Long Ashton, where he trained in molecular biology as part of the AFRC plant molecular biology initiative. He worked on plant-pathogen interactions at Royal Holloway, University of London before moving away from the lab in 1996 to join the Bioinformatics group at SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithKline, where he worked on numerous drug discovery projects and maintained a database of GPCRs. Steve joined the Reactome group in 2009.

Amy Tang Functional Genomics Curation and Training Project Leader

Amy studied Human Genetics at the University of Nottingham for her bachelor degree.  She then went on to do a PhD at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre / Imperial College London, working on the epigenetic control of X-chromosome inactivation in mouse early development. The project was split 50:50 into wet-lab and bioinformatics, this is when Amy first got interested in bioinformatics. After a short postdoc in the same lab, Amy returned to study at Imperial, this time specialising in Bioinformatics & Systems Biology MSc. The MSc course helped Amy move laterally from wet-lab to bioinformatics.  She now manages and delivers training for the team, curates content for ArrayExpress and the Expression Atlas, and collaborates with software developers on the design of ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas user interfaces. Before joining EMBL-EBI, Amy was a senior bioinformatician / developer for about three years in the Ensembl GeneBuild team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, curating gene models for organisms including horse, rat, mouse, cow and gorilla..

Paul Kersey Team leader

Paul Kersey did his PhD at the University of Edinburgh on the molecular biology and genetics of the cell cycle of fission yeast, and subsequently worked at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. Since 1999, Paul has worked at EMBL-EBI on various databases, including UniProt, GOA, Integr8, IPI, and Genome Reviews. He currently leads the Ensembl Genomes team, which provides services for genome-scale data from non-vertebrate species, primarily through the use of the Ensembl software platform. The team integrates data from across the taxonomic space, and collaborates closely with particular groups involved in genome annotation and the development of domain-specific resources.

Lisa Skipper Scientific Curator in the Vertebrate Genomics Group

Lisa works primarily with the DGVa. She spent her early career working in Information Technology as an Analyst/Programmer in the pharmaceutical industry before returning to education to obtain a PhD in Neurogenetics from University College London, UK.  She carried out postdoctoral research at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, USA and the Genome Institute of Singapore, exploring genetic variation in Parkinson's disease and related neurological disorders. At EMBL-EBI, Lisa helped to develop Version 2 of the DGVa system and also oversees data submissions from researchers, curation of data from published literature and data integration with internal and external resources.

Pablo Porras Millan Scientific curator in IntAct

Pablo Porras got his PhD in 2006 in the University of Córdoba, Spain, having done research about trans-membrane protein translocation and redox homeostasis. After that, he moved to Berlin to work in the Neuroproteomics group of the Max Delbrueck Center, getting involved in projects dealing with interactomics, neurodegenerative diseases and the ubiquitin-proteasome system. During this postdoc, he faced the problem of how to represent and analyze molecular interactions data. This experience proved to be of great value once he joined the EBI to work as a scientific curator in the molecular interactions database IntAct in 2011.

Martyn Symmons Scientific Curator

Martyn F. Symmons received his PhD in protein crystallography from Birkbeck College University of London in 2004. This was for his structural solution of the first known PNPase which is a key bacterial and mitochondrial RNase controlling virulence and cell senescence. He was then awarded an Oppenheimer Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge to work on bacterial antibiotic-efflux pumps in the Department of Pathology. He is currently a Curator in the PDBe team at EBI. In his spare time he continues to develop methods for assembling macromolecules from distance restraint data. Most recently he applied FRET restraints to assemble the core 5'UTR region of HIV-1 genomic RNA.

Aleksandras Gutmanas Scientific Officer

Aleksandras Gutmanas defended his PhD in biophysics with emphasis on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in 2003 at the Dept. of Biochemistry and the Swedish NMR Centre, Gothenburg University, Sweden. He then moved on as a postdoc and staff scientist in the group of Dr. C. H. Arrowsmith, Toronto, Canada, part of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium (NESG). Since June 2010, he joined the PDBe group at EBI as NMR Project Leader. His interest is in NMR Spectroscopy, Macromolecular structures and structure validation.

Gerard Kleywegt PDBe Team Leader

Gerard Kleywegt received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 1991. After 6 months with a California-based software company he moved to the University of Uppsala (Sweden) to do post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Alwyn Jones. He became an independent investigator in 1996 and played a pivotal role in the Swedish Structural Biology Network (SBNet) for more than a decade, first as its coordinator and later as its programme director. He was appointed Professor of Structural Molecular Biology in 2009. In the same year, he moved to Cambridge and joined EMBL-EBI as Head of the Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe).

Rebecca Foulger Senior Gene Ontology (GO) Editor

Rebecca Foulger is a Senior Scientific Curator for the Gene Ontology (GO) project at the EBI. After studying for a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics at the University of Nottingham, she completed a PhD at the University of Kent, investigating how insulin receptor signalling is involved in size control in Drosophila. Her career in biocuration began as a GO Annotator at FlyBase, University of Cambridge, and subsequently as a UniProt Database Curator at the EBI. In her current position, she works as part of a team that edits the Gene Ontologies.

Rachael Huntley Project Leader, UniProt Gene Ontology Annotation project

Rachael Huntley is the project leader for the UniProt-Gene Ontology Annotation (UniProt-GOA) project at EMBL-EBI. She studied for a PhD in Plant Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, working on plant growth hormones in Oil Palm. She completed post-doctoral studies into the regulation of the plant cell cycle by D-type cyclins and the contribution of the pinhead gene to growth of the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem. In her current position at the EBI she manages UniProt's Gene Ontology Annotation project, which is responsible for contributing and maintaining GO annotations for proteins in UniProt. She is also involved with teaching GO to both curators and researchers.

Guy Cochrane Team Leader: European Nucleotide Archive

Guy Cochrane received his PhD in cancer cell and molecular biology from the University of East Anglia in 1999 and carried out postdoctoral work in the molecular biology of photoreception at the University of Cambridge prior to joining EMBL-EBI. Guy is now the Team Leader for the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). Under Guy's leadership, the team have launched important new services, such as the Sequence Read Archive for raw data from next generation sequencing platforms and the CRAMtools sequence data compression platform. His other work invovles editing for several journals and meetings, and he has been involved in standardisation activities in many areas of bioinformatics. 

Sandra Orchard Proteomics Services Team Coordinator

Sandra Orchard is the Proteomics Services Team Coordinator working on protein annotation within the PANDA team. She is responsible for the curation standards within the IntAct Molecular Interaction database, as well as contributing to the annotation of the UniProtKB, InterPro and GOA databases. She also applies her experience to provide hands-on training in several resources, including UniProtKB, InterPro, IntAct and Reactome.

Louisa Bellis Chemical Content Curator

Louisa Bellis is the Chemical Content Curator for the ChEMBL group at the European Bioinformatics Institute. Louisa is also responsible for coordinating the outreach within the ChEMBL group. After completing a degree in chemistry with pharmaceutical and forensic Science, Louisa went on to study for a PhD in pharmacology at the University of Bradford. Her PhD was focused on the development of potential new drugs for the treatment of bladder cancer. Following this and prior to joining the EBI in 2009, Louisa worked for a not-for-profit company, training users on their drug toxicity and metabolism prediction software.

John Overington Team Leader for the Computational Chemical Biology team

John Overington is the Team Leader for the computational Chemical Biology team at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. He studied for a PhD in Crystallography at Birkbeck College, University of London in 1991, working of protein modelling and sequence template bioinformatic methods development. Since this time John has held a number of positions in large Pharma and Biotech sectors prior to joining the EBI in 2008.

Joanna Argasinska Intern

Joanna Argasinska completed her PhD in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge in 2004. She studied proteins controlling translation of stored maternal mRNAs during Xenopus oogenesis in Dr Standart's laboratory. She then joined Prof Smith group at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge to study functions of transcription factors in Xenopusdevelopment. After working for a Cambridge-based biotech company, she joined the Training Group at EBI for an intership working on Train Online.

Alex Mitchell Curation co-ordinator, InterPro

Alex Mitchell is curation co-ordinator for the InterPro database at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. He joined EMBL-EBI in 2011. He has a DPhil in pharmacology and has over 10 years' experience in protein sequence analysis and classification.

Amaia Sangrador Scientific curator, InterPro

Amaia Sangrador is a curator for InterPro at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. She joined EMBL-EBI in 2010. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology and has been involved in several research projects in the areas of immunology and comparative genomics.

Gabry Rustici Training coordinator, Functional Genomics

Gabriella Rustici is the Research and Training Coordinator in the Functional Genomics Group at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. She earned her PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University in 2004, working on transcription profiling of the fission yeast cell cycle, and has since been involved in the analysis of functional genomics data.

Giulietta M. Spudich Outreach project leader, Ensembl

Giulietta is the outreach project leader for the Ensembl at EMBL’s European Bionformatics Institute (EBI). The Ensembl project freely provides high quality annotation such as genes, sequence variation, and whole genome alignments across mainly vertebrate genomes. She leads a small team that organises and delivers training courses worldwide, and supports scientific communication about the project.

Before she started working with the Ensembl project in 2006, she obtained her PhD in Susan Marqusee's lab at UC Berkeley in 2002. She 'hopped the pond' to carry out postdoctoral research in biochemical studies of Myosin VI at the MRC-LMB in Cambridge, UK (2002-2006). 

Michele Magrane Curation Coordinator, UniProt (EMBL-EBI)

Michele Magrane is the curation coordinator for the UniProt group at EMBL-EBI. She studied at University College Dublin and joined the group in 1997, specialising in curation of mammalian proteins. She oversees the running of the EMBL-EBI UniProt curation group with responsibility for activities such as quality control, curator training and documentation.

Emma Hastings Bioinformatician

Emma Hastings is curator in the Functional Genomics Group at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. She earned her M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from Dublin City University (DCU) in 2007.

Phil Charles

Phil is a Ph.D student in Kathryn Lilley's lab at the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, in the University of Cambridge Department of Biochemistry.

Juan Antonio Vizcaino PRIDE Group Coordinator
Juan is the Group Coordinator of EMBL-EBI's PRIDE resource for mass spectrometry proteomics data, and he has authored more than 65 papers. He joined the PRIDE team as a postdoc in 2006 and has been involved in numerous projects that span research, development of tools, and training and support for PRIDE users. Since 2011, he has been managing the ProteomeXchange consortium of proteomics resources.
He has a background in the life sciences, with a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Salamanca, Spain, a Masters in Microbiology and undergraduate degrees in Pharmacy and in Biochemistry
Clara Amid Content Project Leader - Cochrane team: European Nucleotide Archive
Mindi Sehra Scientific Training Officer - eLearning Content Developer

Mindi Sehra is the Scientific Training Officer (eLearning) for the Outreach and Training Team at EMBL-EBI. Mindi is responsible for expanding and consolidating the EBI’s range of online training materials and monitoring and maintaining the portal, which includes investigating ways to exploit electronic technologies. Mindi completed a Genetics Degree at Sheffield University before moving into genome analysis at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She completed a MSc in Medical Genetics and Immunology at Brunel University, her thesis on the Swine Leukocyte Antigen secured her a position in the Human and Vertebrate Annotation and Analysis group as a computer biologist. She then joined the UniProt team at the EBI as a protein curator working on automatic and manual annotation.