What can I do with UniProt-GOA?

UniProt-GOA allows you to:

  • access functional information for proteins in UniProtKB or Ensembl, either by searching for individual proteins using the QuickGO or Ensembl browsers, or by downloading and parsing one of our gene association files;
  • use GO Slims to summarise the biological attributes of a proteome, compare proteomes or, for example, find out what proportion of a proteome has been found to be involved in apoptosis;
  • incorporate GO annotations into your own database to enhance the functional information available to your user community;
  • use GO annotations to link between biological knowledge and high-throughput genomic or proteomic datasets;
  • generate automated GO annotations to new genomic or protein sequences, using the InterProScan tool;
  • find the GO terms for genes of interest using Ensembl.

You can find out more about the applications of GO annotation by looking at the studies listed on the GO bibliography page.