• Reactome is a curated pathway database that represents human biological processes as interconnected molecular events or 'reactions'.
  • Reactome broadly defines reactions to include any molecular event in biology, including binding, phosphorylation, catalysed biochemical events, spontaneous molecular events and transport.
  • Reactions can be considered as 'steps' in a pathway. Pathways are represented as diagrams containing a series of interconnected events, often organized into sub-pathways.
  • Reactome pathways describe human biological events. These manually curated human pathways are used as templates to computationally infer equivalent pathways in 20 other species including commonly used model organisms.
  • The core dataset of human pathways is authored by expert biologists and independently peer- reviewed before release.
  • Reactions have literature citations that experimentally verify the described event.
  • Reactome uses primary external sources, and extensively cross-references many other relevant sources of biological, chemical and literature information.
  • Reactome data and software are open source, freely available to download and reuse from the Reactome website, under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.
  • You can use Reactome tools to analyse pathways using a list of IDs from another database, compare pathways between species, and analyse your gene expression data.

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