Simple text or identifier searches

ou can search Reactome by entering your query into the search box located within the menu bar, top right of the homepage (boxed by red dashed line in Figure 16). You can also use many external database accessions or identifiers for genes, proteins or compounds, e.g. UniProt or ChEBI.



Figure 16. The text search box highlighted in the sidebar.


For example, to search Reactome for content related to protein kinases, type protein kinase in the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon. On the results page you can choose to filter by species using a dropdown list (Figure 17):


The search term bar in Reactome

Figure 17. The search term bar in Reactome including species selector dropdown list.


Click 'Go!' to apply the filter.

Results are sorted into four categories: Reaction, Pathway, Protein or Other. The category type is indicated by an icon and the category type name.

A filter bar, labelled [A] in Figure 18 below, includes a count of the hits by category type and allows you to filter the results by category type. Uncheck boxes for any category you don’t want to see. For example, if you only want results of type 'Proteins', uncheck 'Pathways', 'Reactions' and 'Others'.

Click the Show button to apply the filter.

Results table displaying all hits for the search term in Reactome

Figure 18. Results table displaying all hits for the search term in Reactome. [A] indicates the filter bar checkboxes that apply filters to your search results.


Most results have descriptive text details. Your search terms will be highlighted if they appear within the title or descriptive text. The results are ordered intelligently, with a bias in favour of pathways and reactions, as that is the focus of the Reactome database.

To see the appropriate details, click on the title of a hit to go to the corresponding Reactome web page.