Reactome: exploring and analysing biological pathways

This course provides an introduction to the Reactome pathway database web interface and the database content.

An undergraduate degree in a life science subject or background knowledge in molecular biology will be an advantage.

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3 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the need for pathway databases such as Reactome
  • Searching for Reactome pathways and understanding Reactome pathway diagrams
  • Finding proteins or compounds represented in Reactome pathways
  • Navigating Reactome content using the Pathway Browser
  • Extending Reactome pathways with protein-protein or protein-compound interactions from relevant databases or your own interactions data
  • Mapping your own list of gene, protein, or compound identifiers to Reactome pathways and identifying the pathways that are over-represented
  • Visualising pathway expression levels using your own microarray or protein expression dataset