Ensembl: Filmed browser workshop

Ensembl runs on the order of 100 browser workshops a year worldwide, and for the first time we make one available online. Here you will find a collection of video lectures from the 'Ensembl Browser workshop' that took place at EMBL-EBI on 31st January 2013, using Ensembl version 70. The exercises associated with the workshop are included to carry out at your leisure.

This workshop provides an introduction to Ensembl, what kind of data Ensembl has, and how to browse and export the data.

UPDATE: The new browser webinar series is on its way. This new course will be consist of live webinars over 7 weeks, which will be recorded and the videos posted online, along with exercises to let you practice using Ensembl. Once the new course is complete, this course will be taken down as the new course will provide all the same content, just more up-to-date.

A basic understanding of genomics and molecular biology. Internet browsing skills.

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8 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Ensembl is and where the data come from
  • Know how to access and navigate the Ensembl homepage
  • Be able to search the Ensembl browser with a gene, location (a region of a genome), or polymorphism of interest
  • Know how to explore a region on a genome, a gene and a transcript
  • Understand where to view gene trees, sequence variation, and possible regions involved in gene regulation in Ensembl
  • Be able to view a sequence for a gene, protein, or a genome of interest
  • Understand where the genes come from
  • Understand the different ways the results are presented in Ensembl (including the gene, location, transcript and variation tabs)
  • Be able to export Ensembl data quickly and easily with the browser and BioMart