How we did it

To find the sequence of the human FRY gene, follow the steps below.



  1. Go to Ensembl.
  2. Choose 'Human' and search for 'FRY' in the search box.
  3. Expand 'Gene' and 'Homo sapiens'.
  4. Click on FRY [Ensembl/Havana merge: ENSG00000073910 ]

You should now be in the gene summary page for FRY.  


 5. Click on Sequence at the left.


Figure: The Sequence link at the left of the gene summary page is shown above.

Figure: Red highlight shows where the exon is.  You can use this information to design the primers.

InformationThere are alternative ways to get the sequence! You could have used the Export data button, or BioMart.

Now let's find out which genes neighbour FRY.


 7. Click on the location tab.



Figure: The neighbouring genes are a non-coding (blue) gene called RP11-207N4.3, and a small protein-coding (gold) gene. If it's difficult to see which name matches which gene, click on any coloured bar for more information. Clicking on the small gold gene shows that it is ZAR1L.