How to take this course

This course makes use of lecture material from a one-day course that took place at the EBI in January 2013. This course is presented by Emily Pritchard, Giulietta Spudich and Denise Carvalho-Silva from the Ensembl Outreach Team.


If you see this video icon, you will be able to each a video of the lecture, presented in Mediasite format.


The slides for each lecture are also available as pdf files for you to study. Lecture links will open in a new tab and pdfs will open in your default pdf viewer (eg. Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview).

The lectures have associated exercises and answers for you to do in your own time.

This course was recorded using Ensembl version 70. If you are doing this course when a new Ensembl has been released, you may wish to use our archive site for version 70. Note: you can use the live site, but answers and views may have changed.

Find out about hosting a similar workshop at your institute.



All exercises from the coursebook used are broken up and presented within this course. However, if you prefer, you can download the complete coursebook from the January 2013 course here.

If you would prefer to try it out using up-to-date exercises, using the current version of Ensembl, we will keep an up-to-date coursebook here.


NotesIf you would like to jump straight to a specific section in the course please use the left-hand menu to navigate.