Ensembl: Filmed browser workshop

UPDATE: The new browser webinar series is here. This new course consisted of live webinars over 7 weeks, which were recorded and the videos posted online, along with exercises to let you practice using Ensembl. The new course has replaced this one with more up-to-date Ensembl information.

A basic understanding of genomics and molecular biology. Internet browsing skills.

About this course

Emily Perry
Learning objectives: 
  • Understand what Ensembl is and where the data come from
  • Know how to access and navigate the Ensembl homepage
  • Be able to search the Ensembl browser with a gene, location (a region of a genome), or polymorphism of interest
  • Know how to explore a region on a genome, a gene and a transcript
  • Understand where to view gene trees, sequence variation, and possible regions involved in gene regulation in Ensembl
  • Be able to view a sequence for a gene, protein, or a genome of interest
  • Understand where the genes come from
  • Understand the different ways the results are presented in Ensembl (including the gene, location, transcript and variation tabs)
  • Be able to export Ensembl data quickly and easily with the browser and BioMart