More information about a gene

More information on the gene tab

All gene-based displays can be found in the left-hand menu of the gene tab (Figure 12). The displays provide more information such as the sequence, homologues, and variations for the gene selected (in our example, human BRCA2).

The gene tab
Figure 12. The gene tab provides a wealth of information about one specific gene and the links on the left [A] lead you to further views and more data.


 Gene-based displays. The menu [A] at the left of the gene tab provides more information about one specific gene (in this case, human BRCA2).

Some popular views are explained below:

  • Sequence. The genomic sequence in the region with exons highlighted is displayed.
  • External references. A list of matches to sequences such as cDNA and proteins in other databases, along with OMIM records can be found.
  • Regulation. A summary of sequences that may be involved in gene regulation is shown.
  • Comparative genomics. You can find gene trees, genomic alignments, protein families, paralogues and orthologues.
  • Genetic variation. All sequence variation for a gene is shown.