Step 3 - The gene match

Finding the gene from the BLAST/BLAT hit

The BLAST/BLAT track (the red block in the image below) shows us where our query sequence matches the genome, and allows us to compare the hit to any known genes in the region. 


NotesThe link from the BLAT result table has taken us to the Location tab, region in detail view. For more about this view, see the section 'A region in detail' in this course.
A red box shows the position of the BLAT/BLAST hit. It matches the 5' exon of the MTAP gene for two protein-coding transcripts (MTAP-001 in gold, MTAP-201 in red). It also matches the 5' exon in non-coding (blue) transcripts.
NotesThe sequence you are working with is part of the 5' end of the MTAP gene, according to Ensembl!