Gene regulation

imageThe Ensembl regulatory build (available for human and mouse) provides a set of regulatory features, sequences that may be implicated in gene regulation. These sequences have indicators suggesting they may be promoters, enhancers, or other elements.  The features are based on regions of open chromatin identified using DNase I hypersensitivity assays, and FAIRE studies, transcription factor and polymerase binding sites, and CTCF binding regions.  Histone modification sites are included.  These data come from experiments analysed by mainly ChIP-Seq, but also DNase-Seq and ChIP-chip experiments, from the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA elements) project. 


Find out how to view sequences implicated in gene regulation in this section.  Read more about the regulatory build here.

Regulatory features can be viewed in the gene and location tabs.  Motifs from the CisRed project, enhancers from the VISTA project, and miRNA targets from microCosm can also be found in these tabs.