Getting data from the EBI Metagenomics resource

Raw data can be accessed from the ‘Sample Overview’ or the ‘Sample Analysis’ pages. Once you have clicked the link for submitted nucleotide reads, you are re-directed to the ENA website where a range of download options are provided: FTP, Aspera, Galaxy or ENA_downloader (Figure 3).

Processed nucleotide reads and predicted coding sequence (CDS) - both in FASTA format; InterPro matches (in tab-separated format); GO term annotation result files (in comma-separated format) and predicted CDS with InterPro matches (in FASTA format) can also be downloaded from the 'Sample Analysis' page (see Figure 2d, in tab 4).

The ENA homepage

Figure 3  ENA page providing access to information about the study (labelled 'project' on the EBI Metagenomics Resource) and samples. It also offers options for downloading the data.