How to submit data to ArrayExpress

This section will give a brief introduction on how to submit data to ArrayExpress.

The amount of functional genomics data generated by the life-science research community is growing rapidly, and this is set to continue with the advent of RNA-Seq and the falling costs of sequencing. All of these data need to be stored in public databases to facilitate data sharing among the scientific community (9) (Figure 15). Moreover, the data needs to be reported and described in an unambigous and standardised way, to make them easier to access and to facilitate comparison and integration of different data sets. Major journals require data that form part of a scientific publication to be submitted to a public repository before submission of the paper, so that the data, in addition to the publication, become part of the public record of scientific achievement.

ArrayExpress accepts all functional genomics data, including sequencing and microarray-based data. Submission can be made through the MIAMExpress webtool or using the spreadsheet submission system (MAGE-TAB). The main difference between the two is that MIAMExpress can be used for microarray experiments up to 50 hybridisations in size. For larger experiments you need to use the spreadsheet submission system. Sequencing data can only be submitted using MAGE-TAB.

An example of how to use the MAGE-TAB spreadsheet submission system will be provided in the following section of this course.

An image showing why data needs to be stored and organised.
Figure 15 Functional genomics data need a place to be stored and organised
InformationBefore you submit data to the ArrayExpress we recommend that you refer to our submission guidelines