Gene Expression

Melissa Burke

Join Melissa Burke, a former curator with ArrayExpress, for a webinar on why and how to submit your functional genomics data to ArrayExpress using Annotare, our online submissions tool.

ArrayExpress is a database of functional genomics...

This is the second part of our functional genomics course. This course will introduce you to common technologies in functional genomics studies, including microarrays and next generation sequencing (NGS), with a special focus on RNA-sequencing (...

This is the third and final part of our functional genomics course. In this course, we will look at why, when, where to submit your functional genomics data.

We recommend that you look at...

This is the first part of our functional genomics course. This course will give you an introduction to functional genomics. We will introduce you to different types of functional genomics studies and discuss best practices when designing your own...

Anja Füllgrabe

ArrayExpress is a database of functional genomics data. This course will give you an overview of how these data are stored in ArrayExpress and will teach you how to effectively search and retrieve data from the...

Melissa Burke

This quick tour provides an overview of EMBL-EBI’s functional genomics database ArrayExpress.

This course was updated in December 2015.

An undergraduate-level understanding of biology is an advantage. You may wish to have a look...

Marco Brandizi

This webinar is presented by Marco Brandizi and covers the BioSamples database resource description framework (RDF).

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Maria Keays

This extended quick tour provides a brief introduction to the Expression Atlas (“Atlas”). Expression Atlas provides information on gene expression patterns under different biological...

Amy Tang

This course will introduce the field of functional genomics and provide an overview of the major resources for this field at EMBL-EBI.

Updated in August 2014.

For a more in depth look at functional genomics, we have just launched...

Vera Matser

The diXa data warehouse is a curated collection of toxicogenomics experiments, accessible through the diXa website . This course will show you how to use the diXa warehouse and what data is...