Courses held at EMBL-EBI

Welcome to Courses at EMBL-EBI. We hold courses and workshops in our purpose-built IT training suite. These range from hands-on courses aimed at experimental biologists, to more specialised workshops for industrial and academic bioinformaticians. 

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If you need training in an area of bioinformatics that we’re not covering currently, please get in touch and tell us what you need; we may be able to devise a new course to suit your needs. Please send us an e-mail explaining your training needs.

EMBL Staff

If you are a member of EMBL staff who would like to participate in one of the courses that requires a registration fee, please arrange a budget transfer for the cost rather than paying online.

Industry Programme discounted registration fee

If your company is a member of the EMBL-EBI Industry Programme, you may be entitled to a discounted registration fee on some of our courses. Find out more.

Training Events Terms and Conditions

Information for participants and speakers attending training events.

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Upcoming courses

Upcoming EBI courses and workshops

Datesort icon Title Organisers
Mar 9 2015 - Mar 10 2015 SME Bioinformatics Forum, Hinxton 2015
Dominic Clark
Nadia Shivji
Mar 9 2015 - Mar 13 2015 Micro B3 OSD Analysis Workshop 2015
Laura Emery
Frank Oliver Glöckner
Mar 23 2015 - Mar 27 2015 Biological Interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing
Gabriella Rustici
Laura Emery
Apr 13 2015 - Apr 16 2015 Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing
Tom Hancocks
Marc Rossello
Josh Randall
Apr 13 2015 - Apr 24 2015 Joint EMBL-EBI Wellcome Trust Advanced Course on Computational Molecular Evolution
Laura Emery
Nick Goldman
Ziheng Yang
Aidan Budd
Alexandros Stamatakis
May 11 2015 - May 14 2015 Advanced RNA-Seq and ChiP-Seq Data Analysis Gabriella Rustici
Jun 7 2015 - Jun 12 2015 Joint EMBL-EBI-Wellcome Trust Course: In Silico Systems Biology
Laura Emery
Julio Saez-Rodriguez
Nicolas Le Novère
Jun 22 2015 - Jun 26 2015 Joint EMBL-EBI/Wellcome Trust Summer School in Bioinformatics
Sarah Morgan
Laura Emery
William Pearson
Des Higgins
Alex Bateman
Jul 1 2015 - Jul 3 2015 TransPlant Agri-omics
Laura Emery
Paul Kersey
Jul 20 2015 - Jul 24 2015 Cancer Genomics Gabriella Rustici