SAS - Sequence Annotated by Structure

SAS is a tool for applying structural information to a given protein sequence. It uses FASTA to scan a given protein sequence against all the proteins of known 3D structure in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The resultant multiple alignment can be coloured according to different structural features and the matching 3D structures can be superimposed and viewed in RasMol.

Use the form below to identify your protein sequence of interest by: a) providing a PDB code, b) providing a UniProt code or accession number, c) pasting in your sequence, or d) uploading a PDB file. By default the whole PDB will be searched, but you can restrict the search using the Search Option box at the bottom.

Choose option a, b, c or d:

a. PDB code (4 chars):   Chain    Example: "1ral" chain "A"
b.  UniProt code:   or   Accession Code:
  Example: "CBS_HUMAN"   Example:  "P35520"
c. Pasted sequence:
Enter a sequence of single-letter amino acid codes; blank spaces will be ignored
d. Upload PDB file:

Search option

All protein sequences in PDB
Specified subset:
To specify the subset of PDB codes to be searched, type in your list of codes and their chain identifiers (where relevant) into the box in the form XXXXY - where XXXX is the 4-character PDB code and Y is the optional chain identifier. Use a comma to separate the codes from one another (eg 1bpyA,1aaw,7hvpA).


- Please note that some searches may take some time to run and display.





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