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List of PROSITE patterns ( 2419 patterns )
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Id Description
Number of PDB entries.
PS51404  DYP_PEROXIDASE  DyP-type peroxidase family.   0
PS51405  HEME_HALOPEROXIDASE  Heme haloperoxidase family profile.   0
PS51406  FIBRINOGEN_C_2  Fibrinogen C-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51407  LAMP_3  Lysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein family profile.   0
PS51408  TRANSFERRIN_LIKE_4  Transferrin-like domain profile.   0
PS51409  ARGINASE_2  Arginase family profile.   0
PS51410  BH4_AAA_HYDROXYL_2  Biopterin-dependent aromatic amino acid hydroxylase family profile.   0
PS51411  PSP1_C  PSP1 C-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51412  MACPF_2  Membrane attack complex/perforin (MACPF) domain profile.   0
PS51413  DBINO  DBINO domain profile.   0
PS51414  HSR  HSR domain profile.   0
PS51415  XYLOSE_ISOMERASE  Xylose isomerase family profile.   0
PS51416  MIB_HERC2  MIB/HERC2 domain profile.   0
PS51417  ARF  small GTPase Arf family profile.   0
PS51418  RAN  small GTPase Ran family profile.   0
PS51419  RAB  small GTPase Rab1 family profile.   0
PS51420  RHO  small GTPase Rho family profile.   0
PS51421  RAS  small GTPase Ras family profile.   0
PS51422  SAR1  small GTPase SAR1 family profile.   0
PS51423  MIRO  Miro domain profile.   0
PS51424  ROC  Roc domain profile.   0
PS51425  SCD  Stromalin conservative (SCD) domain profile.   0
PS51426  ABL  ABL domain profile.   0
PS51430  KAIA_N  KaiA N-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51431  KAIA_C  KaiA C-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51432  AP_NUCLEASE_F2_4  AP endonucleases family 2 profile.   0
PS51433  PNT  Pointed (PNT) domain profile.   0
PS51434  NUP_C  NUP C-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51435  AP_NUCLEASE_F1_4  AP endonucleases family 1 profile.   0
PS51436  POTYVIRUS_NIA_PRO  Potyvirus NIa protease (NIa-pro) domain profile.   0
PS51437  CG_1  CG-1 DNA-binding domain profile.   0
PS51438  ALBUMIN_2  Albumin domain profile.   0
PS51439  MENTAL  MENTAL domain profile.   0
PS51440  TIM_2  Triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) family profile.   0
PS51441  CPCD_LIKE  CpcD-like domain profile.   0
PS51442  M_PRO  Coronavirus main protease (M-pro) domain profile.   0
PS51443  PCS  Phytochelatin synthase (PCS) domain profile.   0
PS51444  FH2  Formin homology-2 (FH2) domain profile.   0
PS51445  PBS_LINKER  Phycobilisome (PBS) linker domain profile.   0
PS51446  PACIFASTIN  Pacifastin domain profile.   0
PS51447  FDX_ACB  Ferredoxin-fold anticodon binding (FDX-ACB) domain profile.   0
PS51448  P_TREFOIL_2  P-type 'Trefoil' domain profile.   0
PS51449  MTTASE_N  Methylthiotransferase N-terminal domain profile.   0
PS51450  LRR  Leucine-rich repeat profile.   0
PS51455  PIPK  Phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinase (PIPK) domain profile.   0
PS51456  MYOSIN_MOTOR  Myosin motor domain profile.   0
PS51457  BEN  BEN domain profile.   0
PS51459  FIDO  Fido domain profile.   0
PS51460  GAR  GAR domain profile.   0
PS51461  NC1_FIB  Fibrillar collagen C-terminal non-collagenous (NC1) domain profile.   0

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