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List of PROSITE patterns ( 2411 patterns )
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Id Description
Number of PDB entries.
PS50297  ANK_REP_REGION  Ankyrin repeat region circular profile.   0
PS50302  PUM  Pumilio RNA-binding repeat profile.   0
PS50303  PUM_HD  Pumilio homology domain (PUM-HD) profile.   0
PS50304  TUDOR  Tudor domain profile.   0
PS50305  SIRTUIN  Sirtuin catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50309  DC  Doublecortin domain profile.   0
PS50310  ALA_RICH  Alanine-rich region profile.   0
PS50311  CYS_RICH  Cysteine-rich region profile.   0
PS50312  ASP_RICH  Aspartic acid-rich region profile.   0
PS50313  GLU_RICH  Glutamic acid-rich region profile.   0
PS50314  PHE_RICH  Phenylalanine-rich region profile.   0
PS50315  GLY_RICH  Glycine-rich region profile.   0
PS50316  HIS_RICH  Histidine-rich region profile.   0
PS50317  ILE_RICH  Isoleucine-rich region profile.   0
PS50318  LYS_RICH  Lysine-rich region profile.   0
PS50319  LEU_RICH  Leucine-rich region profile.   0
PS50320  MET_RICH  Methionine-rich region profile.   0
PS50321  ASN_RICH  Asparagine-rich region profile.   0
PS50322  GLN_RICH  Glutamine-rich region profile.   0
PS50323  ARG_RICH  Arginine-rich region profile.   0
PS50324  SER_RICH  Serine-rich region profile.   0
PS50325  THR_RICH  Threonine-rich region profile.   0
PS50326  VAL_RICH  Valine-rich region profile.   0
PS50327  TRP_RICH  Tryptophan-rich region profile.   0
PS50328  TYR_RICH  Tyrosine-rich region profile.   0
PS50330  UIM  Ubiquitin-interacting motif (UIM) domain profile.   0
PS50404  GST_NTER  Soluble glutathione S-transferase N-terminal domain profile.   0
PS50405  GST_CTER  Soluble glutathione S-transferase C-terminal domain profile.   0
PS50507  RDRP_SSRNA_POS  RdRp of positive ssRNA viruses catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50522  RDRP_PHAGE  RdRp of RNA-containing bacteriophages catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50523  RDRP_DSRNA_REO  RdRp of Reoviridae dsRNA viruses catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50524  RDRP_DSRNA_BIR  RdRp of Birnaviridae dsRNA viruses catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50525  RDRP_SSRNA_NEG_SEG  RdRp of negative ssRNA viruses with segmented genomes catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50526  RDRP_SSRNA_NEG_NONSEG  RdRp of negative ssRNA viruses with non-segmented genomes catalytic domain profile.   0
PS50531  HTH_IS21  IS21 transposase-type HTH domain profile.   0
PS50532  HTH_IS408  IS408 transposase-type HTH domain profile.   0
PS50600  ULP_PROTEASE  Ubiquitin-like protease family profile.   0
PS50800  SAP  SAP motif profile.   0
PS50801  STAS  STAS domain profile.   0
PS50802  OTU  OTU domain profile.   0
PS50803  OAR  OAR domain profile.   0
PS50804  SCAN_BOX  SCAN box profile.   0
PS50805  KRAB  Krueppel-associated box (KRAB) profile.   0
PS50806  KRAB_RELATED  KRAB-related domain profile.   0
PS50807  GCM  GCM domain profile.   0
PS50808  ZF_BED  Zinc finger BED-type profile.   0
PS50809  DM_2  DM DNA-binding domain profile.   0
PS50810  FRATAXIN_2  Frataxin family profile.   0
PS50811  WRKY  WRKY domain profile.   0
PS50812  PWWP  PWWP domain profile.   0

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