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List of PROSITE patterns ( 2399 patterns )
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Id Description
Number of PDB entries.
PS00111  PGLYCERATE_KINASE  Phosphoglycerate kinase signature.   11
PS00112  GUANIDO_KINASE  Phosphagen kinase active site signature.   3
PS00113  ADENYLATE_KINASE  Adenylate kinase signature.   3
PS00114  PRPP_SYNTHASE  Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase signature.   0
PS00115  RNA_POL_II_REPEAT  Eukaryotic RNA polymerase II heptapeptide repeat.   0
PS00116  DNA_POLYMERASE_B  DNA polymerase family B signature.   12
PS00117  GAL_P_UDP_TRANSF_I  Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase family 1 active site signature.   0
PS00118  PA2_HIS  Phospholipase A2 histidine active site.   8
PS00119  PA2_ASP  Phospholipase A2 aspartic acid active site.   8
PS00120  LIPASE_SER  Lipases, serine active site.   4
PS00121  COLIPASE_1  Colipase signature.   0
PS00122  CARBOXYLESTERASE_B_1  Carboxylesterases type-B serine active site.   39
PS00123  ALKALINE_PHOSPHATASE  Alkaline phosphatase active site.   0
PS00124  FBPASE  Fructose-1-6-bisphosphatase active site.   4
PS00125  SER_THR_PHOSPHATASE  Serine/threonine specific protein phosphatases signature.   16
PS00126  PDEASE_I  3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases signature.   14
PS00127  RNASE_PANCREATIC  Pancreatic ribonuclease family signature.   32
PS00128  LACTALBUMIN_LYSOZYME_1  Alpha-lactalbumin / lysozyme C signature.   28
PS00129  GLYCOSYL_HYDROL_F31_1  Glycosyl hydrolases family 31 active site.   2
PS00130  U_DNA_GLYCOSYLASE  Uracil-DNA glycosylase signature.   3
PS00131  CARBOXYPEPT_SER_SER  Serine carboxypeptidases, serine active site.   0
PS00132  CARBOXYPEPT_ZN_1  Zinc carboxypeptidases, zinc-binding region 1 signature.   2
PS00133  CARBOXYPEPT_ZN_2  Zinc carboxypeptidases, zinc-binding region 2 signature.   2
PS00134  TRYPSIN_HIS  Serine proteases, trypsin family, histidine active site.   115
PS00135  TRYPSIN_SER  Serine proteases, trypsin family, serine active site.   113
PS00136  SUBTILASE_ASP  Serine proteases, subtilase family, aspartic acid active site.   15
PS00137  SUBTILASE_HIS  Serine proteases, subtilase family, histidine active site.   15
PS00138  SUBTILASE_SER  Serine proteases, subtilase family, serine active site.   14
PS00139  THIOL_PROTEASE_CYS  Eukaryotic thiol (cysteine) proteases cysteine active site.   14
PS00140  UCH_1  Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase family 1 cysteine active-site.   0
PS00141  ASP_PROTEASE  Eukaryotic and viral aspartyl proteases active site.   80
PS00142  ZINC_PROTEASE  Neutral zinc metallopeptidases, zinc-binding region signature.   75
PS00143  INSULINASE  Insulinase family, zinc-binding region signature.   4
PS00144  ASN_GLN_ASE_1  Asparaginase / glutaminase active site signature 1.   2
PS00145  UREASE_2  Urease active site.   1
PS00146  BETA_LACTAMASE_A  Beta-lactamase class-A active site.   14
PS00149  SULFATASE_2  Sulfatases signature 2.   0
PS00150  ACYLPHOSPHATASE_1  Acylphosphatase signature 1.   4
PS00151  ACYLPHOSPHATASE_2  Acylphosphatase signature 2.   4
PS00152  ATPASE_ALPHA_BETA  ATP synthase alpha and beta subunits signature.   18
PS00153  ATPASE_GAMMA  ATP synthase gamma subunit signature.   14
PS00154  ATPASE_E1_E2  E1-E2 ATPases phosphorylation site.   15
PS00155  CUTINASE_1  Cutinase, serine active site.   1
PS00156  OMPDECASE  Orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase active site.   11
PS00157  RUBISCO_LARGE  Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large chain active site.   1
PS00158  ALDOLASE_CLASS_I  Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase class-I active site.   2
PS00159  ALDOLASE_KDPG_KHG_1  KDPG and KHG aldolases active site.   0
PS00160  ALDOLASE_KDPG_KHG_2  KDPG and KHG aldolases Schiff-base forming residue.   0
PS00161  ISOCITRATE_LYASE  Isocitrate lyase signature.   0
PS00162  ALPHA_CA_1  Alpha-carbonic anhydrases signature.   38

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