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10gs   Human glutathione s-transferase p1-1, complex with ter117
11gs   Glutathione s-transferase complexed with ethacrynic acid-glu conjugate (form ii)
121p   Struktur und guanosintriphosphat-hydrolysemechanismus des c- terminal verkuerzten menschlichen krebsproteins p21-h-ras
12ca   Altering the mouth of a hydrophobic pocket. Structure and kinetics of human carbonic anhydrase ii mutants at residue val-121
12gs   Glutathione s-transferase complexed with s-nonyl-glutathione
133l   Role of arg 115 in the catalytic action of human lysozyme. X-ray structure of his 115 and glu 115 mutants
134l   Role of arg 115 in the catalytic action of human lysozyme. X-ray structure of his 115 and glu 115 mutants
13gs   Glutathione s-transferase complexed with sulfasalazine
14gs   Glutathione s-transferase p1-1 apo form 1
14ps   14-3-3 zeta/phosphopeptide complex
16gs   Glutathione s-transferase p1-1 apo form 3
17gs   Glutathione s-transferase p1-1
18gs   Glutathione s-transferase p1-1 complexed with 1-(s- glutathionyl)-2,4-dinitrobenzene
19gs   Glutathione s-transferase p1-1
1a00   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 tyr) mutant
1a01   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 ala) mutant
1a02   Structure of the DNA binding domains of nfat, fos and jun bound to DNA
1a07   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-malonyl tyr-glu-(n,n- dipentyl amine)
1a08   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-difluoro phosphotyr- glu-(n,n-dipentyl amine)
1a09   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-formyl phosphotyr-glu- (n,n-dipentyl amine)
1a0l   Human beta-tryptase: a ring-like tetramer with active sites central pore
1a0n   Nmr study of the sh3 domain from fyn proto-oncogene tyrosine kinase complexed with the synthetic peptide p2l corresponding to residues 91-104 of the p85 subunit of pi3- kinase, family of 25 structures
1a0u   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met) mutant
1a0v   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 tyr) mutant
1a0w   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 ala) mutant
1a0x   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 gly) mutant
1a0y   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met, trp beta37 glu) mutant
1a0z   Hemoglobin (val beta1 met) mutant
1a12   Regulator of chromosome condensation (rcc1) of human
1a17   Tetratricopeptide repeats of protein phosphatase 5
1a1a   C-src (sh2 domain with c188a mutation) complexed with ace-fo phosphotyr-glu-(n,n-dipentyl amine)
1a1b   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-phosphotyr-glu-(n,n- dipentyl amine)
1a1c   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-phosphotyr-glu-(n-me(- (ch2)3-cyclopentyl))
1a1e   C-src (sh2 domain) complexed with ace-phosphotyr-glu-(3- butylpiperidine)
1a1m   Mhc class i molecule b 5301 Complexed with peptide tpydinqml from gag protein of hiv2
1a1n   Mhc class i molecule b 3501 Complexed with peptide vplrpmty from the nef protein (75-82) of hiv1
1a1o   Mhc class i molecule b 5301 Complexed with peptide ls6 (kpivqydnf) from the malaria parasite p. Falciparum
1a1u   Solution structure determination of a p53 mutant dimerization domain, nmr, minimized average structure
1a1w   Fadd death effector domain, f25y mutant, nmr minimized average structure
1a1x   Crystal structure of mtcp-1 involved in t cell malignancies
1a1z   Fadd death effector domain, f25g mutant, nmr minimized average structure
1a22   Human growth hormone bound to single receptor
1a27   Human 17-beta-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase type 1 c-terminal mutant complexed with estradiol and NADP+
1a28   Hormone-bound human progesterone receptor ligand-binding domain
1a2b   Human rhoa complexed with gtp analogue
1a2c   Structure of thrombin inhibited by aeruginosin298-a from a b alga
1a31   Human reconstituted DNA topoisomerase i in covalent complex with a 22 base pair DNA duplex
1a35   Human topoisomerase i/DNA complex
1a36   Topoisomerase i/DNA complex
1a3b   Complex of human alpha-thrombin with the bifunctional borona inhibitor borolog1