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1apx   Crystal structure of recombinant ascorbate peroxidase
1bqp   The structure of the pea lectin-d-mannopyranose complex
1d9q   Oxidized pea fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase form 1
1dbz   C153s mutant of pea fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase
1dcu   Redox signaling in the chloroplast: structure of oxidized pea fructose-1,6-bisphosphate phosphatase
1dxl   Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase of glycine decarboxylase from pisum sativum
1dxm   Reduced form of the h protein from glycine decarboxylase complex
1ekj   The x-ray crystallographic structure of beta carbonic anhydrase from the c3 dicot pisum sativum
1h65   Crystal structure of pea toc34 - a novel gtpase of the chloroplast protein translocon
1hkd   Structure of pea lectin in complex with alpha-methyl-d-glucopyranoside
1hpc   Refined structures at 2 angstroms and 2.2 angstroms of the t of the h-protein, a lipoamide-containing protein of the gly decarboxylase
1htp   Refined structures at 2 angstroms and 2.2 angstroms of the two forms of the h-protein, a lipoamide-containing protein of the glycine decarboxylase complex
1jkz   Nmr solution structure of pisum sativum defensin 1 (psd1)
1ksi   Crystal structure of a eukaryotic (pea seedling) copper-cont amine oxidase at 2.2a resolution
1mlv   Structure and catalytic mechanism of a set domain protein methyltransferase
1ofs   Pea lectin-sucrose complex
1ozv   Crystal structure of the set domain of lsmt bound to lysine
1p0y   Crystal structure of the set domain of lsmt bound to melysine and adohcy
1p8b   Solution structure of pa1b, a 37-amino acid insecticidal protein extracted from pea seeds (pisum sativum)
1pbi   Crystal structure of a bowman-birk inhibitor from pea seeds
1qfy   Pea fnr y308s mutant in complex with NADP+
1qfz   Pea fnr y308s mutant in complex with NADPH
1qg0   Wild-type pea fnr
1qga   Pea fnr y308w mutant in complex with NADP+
1qzv   Crystal structure of plant photosystem i
1rin   X-ray crystal structure of a pea lectin-trimannoside complex angstroms resolution
1vcr   An icosahedral assembly of light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b protein complex from pea thylakoid membranes
1w2z   Psao and xenon
1w7w   Structure and mutational analysis of a plant mitochondrial nucleoside diphosphate kinase: identification of residues involved in serine phosphorylation and oligomerization.
1yo9   Theoretical model of plant photosystem i
2bhw   Pea light-harvesting complex ii at 2.5 angstrom resolution
2bqp   The structure of the pea lectin-d-glucopyranose complex
2h21   Structure of rubisco lsmt bound to adomet
2h23   Structure of rubisco lsmt bound to trimethyllysine and adohc
2h2e   Structure of rubisco lsmt bound to azaadomet and lysine
2h2j   Structure of rubisco lsmt bound to sinefungin and monomethyl
2iiw   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1) mutant w38d
2ij1   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant w38e
2ijt   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant w38y
2iju   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant w38k
2ijv   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant w38r
2ijw   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant w38a
2ikl   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12a
2ikm   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12r
2ikn   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12d
2ikp   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12e
2ikr   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12k
2ikt   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant g12w
2ikv   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant a18r
2ikw   Pisum sativum defensin 1(psd1)mutant a18d