List..of..PDB..structures..for.. .SYNECHOCYSTIS SP. PCC 6803
Number of entries for given species: 12 (including superseded entries, shown in brown)
1c3y   Thp12-carrier protein from yellow meal worm
1c3z   Thp12-carrier protein from yellow meal worm
1clv   Yellow meal worm alpha-amylase in complex with the amaranth alpha-amylase inhibitor
1ezg   Crystal structure of antifreeze protein from the beetle, tenebrio molitor
1jae   Structure of tenebrio molitor larval alpha-amylase
1l1i   Solution structure of the tenebrio molitor antifreeze protein
1tmq   Structure of tenebrio molitor larval alpha-amylase in complex with ragi bifunctional inhibitor
1viw   Tenebrio molitor alpha-amylase-inhibitor complex
2i9e   Structure of triosephosphate isomerase of tenebrio molitor
3ozq   Crystal structure of serpin48, which is a highly specific se the insect tenebrio molitor
3qj3   Structure of digestive procathepsin l2 proteinase from teneb molitor larval midgut
3qt4   Structure of digestive procathepsin l 3 of tenebrio molitor midgut