List..of..PDB..structures..for.. .PSEUDOMONAS
Number of entries for given species: 7 (including superseded entries, shown in brown)
1dyl   9 angstrom resolution cryo-em reconstruction structure of semliki forest virus (sfv) and fitting of the capsid protein structure in the em density
1i9w   Crystal structure of the fusion glycoprotein e1 from semliki forest virus
1rer   Crystal structure of the homotrimer of fusion glycoprotein e semliki forest virus.
1vcp   Semliki forest virus capsid protein (crystal form i)
1vcq   Semliki forest virus capsid protein (crystal form ii)
2ala   Crystal structure of the semliki forest virus envelope prote its monomeric conformation.
2v33   High resolution crystal structure of domain iii of e1 fusion glycoprotein of semliki forest virus