List..of..PDB..structures..for.. .EUPLOTES RAIKOVI
Number of entries for given species: 12 (including superseded entries, shown in brown)
1ce3   Putative ancestral protein encoded by a single sequence repeat of the multidomain proteinase inhibitor from nicotiana alata
1fyb   Solution structure of c1-t1, a two-domain proteinase inhibitor derived from the circular precursor protein na- propi from nicotiana alata
1ioo   Crystal structure of nicotiana alata gemetophytic self-incom associated sf11-rnase
1qh2   Chymotrypsin inhibitor (c2) from nicotiana alata
1tih   Trypsin inhibitor (t1) from nicotiana alata
1vtp   Vacuolar targeting peptide from na-propi
1ytp   Solution structure of the c4a/c41a variant of the nicotiana alata proteinase inhibitor t1
2jyy   Solution structure of c8a/c37a-t1 from nicotiana alata
2jzm   Chymotrypsin inhibitor c1 from nicotiana alata
4aaz   X-ray structure of nicotiana alata defensin 1 nad1
4ab0   X-ray crystal structure of nicotiana alata defensin nad1
4cqk   Crystal structure of ligand-bound nad1