List..of..PDB..structures..for.. .CLOSTRIDIUM PERFRINGENS
Number of entries for given species: 16 (including superseded entries, shown in brown)
1b10   Solution nmr structure of recombinant syrian hamster prion protein rprp(90-231) , 25 structures
1e5p   Crystal structure of aphrodisin, a sex pheromone from female hamster
1fj7   Solution structure of nucleolin rbd1
1fjc   Solution structure of nucleolin rbd2
1fje   Solution structure of nucleolin rbd12 in complex with snre RNA
1has   Hamster serum amyloid p-component. Chain: a, b, c, d, e. Synonym: hsap
1ilj   Molecular modeling of the hamster steroidogenic acute regulatory (star) protein
1jo9   Computational model of hamster p450c17
1rkj   Solution structure of the complex formed by the two n- terminal RNA-binding domains of nucleolin and a pre-rrna target
2gwv   Structure model of hamster arylamine n-acetyltransferase 2
2h1k   Crystal structure of the pdx1 homeodomain in complex with DNA
2kkg   Nmr structure of the octarepeat region of prion protein bound to pentosan polysulfate
2lh8   Syrian hamster prion protein with thiamine
2prp   Solution nmr structure of recombinant syrian hamster prion protein rprp(90-231), 15 structures
2rdl   Hamster chymase 2
3nve   Mmhfgn segment 138-143 from syrian hamster prion