List..of..PDB..structures..for.. .BREVUNDIMONAS DIMINUTA
Number of entries for given species: 27 (including superseded entries, shown in brown)
1bvl   Humanized anti-lysozyme fv
1s3k   Crystal structure of a humanized fab (hu3s193) in complex wi lewis y tetrasaccharide
1t44   Structural basis of actin sequestration by thymosin-b4: implications for arp2/3 activation
2aty   Complement receptor chimaeric conjugate cr2-ig
2hwz   Fab fragment of humanized anti-viral antibody medi-493 (syna
2osl   Crystal structure of rituximab fab in complex with an epitope peptide
2vx8   Vamp7 longin domain hrb peptide complex
3bky   Crystal structure of chimeric antibody c2h7 fab in complex w peptide
3c08   Crystal structure the fab fragment of matuzumab/emd72000 (fa
3c09   Crystal structure the fab fragment of matuzumab (fab72000) i with domain iii of the extracellular region of egfr
3gtv   Human-mouse sod1 chimera
3ntc   Crystal structure of kd-247 fab, an anti-v3 antibody that in HIV-1 entry
3nzh   Crystal structure of anti-emmprin antibody 5f6 fab
3qpq   Crystal structure of anti-tlr3 antibody c1068 fab
3qq9   Crystal structure of fab fragment of anti-human rsv (respira syncytial virus) f protein mab 101f
3tn0   Structure of mouse va14vb8.2nkt tcr-mouse cd1d-a-c-galactosy complex
3to4   Structure of mouse valpha14vbeta2-mousecd1d-alpha-galactosyl
3tu5   Actin complex with gelsolin segment 1 fused to cobl segment
4afi   Complex between vamp7 longin domain and fragment of delta- adaptin from ap3
4am0   Structure of dengue virus strain 4 diii in complex with fab 2h12
4g6k   Crystal structure of the therapeutic antibody binding fragme gevokizumab in its unbound state
4g6m   Crystal strucure of human il-1beta in complex with therapeut antibody binding fragment of gevokizumab
4hix   Crystal structure of a humanised 3d6 fab bound to amyloid be
4kaq   Structure of rituximab fab
4mng   Structure of the dp10.7 tcr with cd1d-sulfatide
4mq7   Structure of human cd1d-sulfatide
4q95   Crystal structure of hrasls3/lrat chimeric protein