Pattern PS00118
The following PDB entries contain known "true positive" matches for this PROSITE pattern, or matches that are highly likely to be correct.

1g4i  Crystal structure of the bovine pancreatic phospholipase a2
2ok9  Prtx- i- bpb
3fvi  Crystal structure of complex of phospholipase a2 with octyl
3fvj  Crystal structure of phospholipase a2 1b crystallized in the of octyl sulfate
3hzd  Crystal structure of bothropstoxin- i (bthtx- i), a pla2 homol bothrops jararacussu venom
3hzw  Crystal structure of bothropstoxin- i chemically modified by bromophenacyl bromide (bpb)
3i3i  Crystal structure of bothropstoxin- i crystallized at 283 k
3iq3  Crystal structure of bothropstoxin- i complexed with polietil 4000 - crystallized at 283 k