Pattern PS00018
The following PDB entries contain known "true positive" matches for this PROSITE pattern, or matches that are highly likely to be correct.
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3ewv  Crystal structure of calmodulin complexed with a peptide
3fs7  Crystal structure of gallus gallus beta- parvalbumin (avian thymic hormone)
3gk1  X- ray structure of bovine sbi132,ca(2+)- s100b
3gk2  X- ray structure of bovine sbi279,ca(2+)- s100b
3gk4  X- ray structure of bovine sbi523,ca(2+)- s100b
3hcm  Crystal structure of human s100b in complex with s45
3i5f  Crystal structure of squid mg.Adp myosin s1
3i5g  Crystal structure of rigor- like squid myosin s1
3i5h  The crystal structure of rigor like squid myosin s1 in the absence of nucleotide
3i5i  The crystal structure of squid myosin s1 in the presence of so4 2-
3if7  Structure of calmodulin complexed with its first endogenous sphingosylphosphorylcholine
3iqo  1.5 angstrom x- ray structure of bovine ca(2+)- s100b
3iqq  X- ray structure of bovine trtk12- ca(2+)- s100b
3k21  Crystal structure of carboxy- terminus of pfc0420w.
3lcp  Crystal structure of the carbohydrate recognition domain of complex with mcfd2
3li6  Crystal structure and trimer- monomer transition of n- termina of ehcabp1 from entamoeba histolytica
3nxa  X- ray structure of the apo form of human s100a16
3oxq  Crystal structure of ca2+/cam- cav1.2 pre- iq/iq domain comple