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Compound type: DNA linking
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The following list shows the 22 PDB entries that contain one or more instances of ligand __Y. Where the structure contains more than one instance, the count is shown in brackets after the protein name.
1dde* Structure of the dnag catalytic core (x4)
1fs7* CytochromE C nitrite reductase from wolinella succinogenes (x3)
1fs8* CytochromE C nitrite reductase from wolinella succinogenes- sulfate complex (x4)
1fs9* CytochromE C nitrite reductase from wolinella succinogenes- azide complex (x3)
1k7l* The 2.5 angstrom resolution crystal structure of the human pparalpha ligand binding domain bound with gw409544 and a co- activator peptide. (x2)
1lva* Crystal structure of a c- terminal fragment of moorella thermoacetica elongation factor selb (x2)
1mbu* Crystal structure analysis of clpsn heterodimer (x4)
1mbx* Crystal structure analysis of clpsn with transition metal ion bound (x5)
1nc2* Crystal structure of monoclonal antibody 2d12.5 fab complexed with y- dota (x2)
1py0* Crystal structure of e51c/e54c psaz from a.Faecalis with clanp probe
1r6o* Atp- dependent clp protease atp- binding subunit clpa/atp- dependent clp protease adaptor protein clps (x6)
1r6q* Clpns with fragments (x6)
1rvg* Crystal strcuture of class ii fructose- bisphosphate aldolase from thermus aquaticus in complex with y
1st0* Structure of dcps bound to m7gpppg (x3)
1st4* Structure of dcps bound to m7gpppa (x3)
1xkg* Crystal structure of the major house dust mite allergen der p 1 in its pro form at 1.61 a resolution
1xvq* Crystal structure of thiol peroxidase from mycobacterium tuberculosis (x3)
2ahx* Crystal structure of erbb4/her4 extracellular domain
2bec* Crystal structure of chp2 in complex with its binding region in nhe1 and insights into the mechanism of ph regulation (x2)
2c1c* Structural basis of the resistance of an insect carboxypeptidase to plant protease inhibitors (x2)
2e80* CytochromE C nitrite reductase from wolinella succinogenes with bound substrate nitrite (x3)
2e81* CytochromE C nitrite reductase from wolinella succinogenes with bound intermediate hydroxylamine (x3)