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Compound type: non-polymer
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The following list shows the 6 PDB entries that contain one or more instances of ligand _EU. Where the structure contains more than one instance, the count is shown in brackets after the protein name.
1bub* Determination of internuclear angles of DNA using paramagnetic assisted magnetic alignment (x2)
1e8s* Alu domain of the mammalian srp (potential alu retroposition intermediate) (x2)
1jhw* Ca2+- binding mimicry in the crystal structure of the eu3+- bound mutant human macrophage capping protein cap g (x2)
1qsl* Klenow fragment complexed with single- stranded substrate and europium (iii) ion
1wc4* Soluble adenylyl cyclase cyac from s. Platensis in complex with alpha,beta- methylene- atp and europium (x2)
2fby* Wrn exonuclease, eu complex (x2)