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Compound type: non-polymer
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The following list shows the 42 PDB entries that contain one or more instances of ligand _CS. Where the structure contains more than one instance, the count is shown in brackets after the protein name.
1av2* Gramicidin a/cscl complex, active as a dimer (x7)
1c4d* Gramicidin cscl complex (x8)
1fpm* Monovalent cation binding sites in n10- formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase from moorella thermoacetica (x2)
1g57* Crystal structure of 3,4- dihydroxy- 2- butanone 4- phosphate synthase (x4)
1gqt* Activation of ribokinase by monovalent cations (x4)
1i0j* 1.06 a structure of the a- decamer gcgtatacgc with a single 2'- o- methyl- 3'- methylenephosphonate (mep) thymine in place of t6, high cs- salt (x3)
1i0k* 1.05 a structure of the a- decamer gcgtatacgc with a single 2'- o- methyl- [tri(oxyethyl)] thymine in place of t6, medium cs- salt (x3)
1i9d* Arsenate reductase from e. Coli (x10)
1j9b* Arsenate reductase+0.4m arsenite from e. Coli (x3)
1jzw* Arsenate reductase + sodium arsenate from e. Coli (x5)
1kh8* Structure of a cis- proline (p114) to glycine variant of ribonuclease a
1kjy* Crystal structure of human g[alpha]i1 bound to the goloco motif of rgs14 (x15)
1ogp* The crystal structure of plant sulfite oxidase provides insight into sulfite oxidation in plants and animals (x12)
1ovn* Crystal structure and functional analysis of drosophila wind- - a pdi- related protein
1q6u* Crystal structure of fkpa from escherichia coli
1r3l* Potassium channel kcsa- fab complex in cs+ (x5)
1rny* Ribonuclease a crystallized from 3m cesium chloride, 30% ammonium sulfate
1s3c* Arsenate reductase c12s mutant from e. Coli (x3)
1s3d* Arsenate reductase r60a mutant from e. Coli (x5)
1s7z* Structure of ocr from bacteriophage t7 (x3)
1sd8* Arsenate reductase r60k mutant from e. Coli (x5)
1sd9* Arsenate reductase c12s mutant +0.4m arsenate from e. Coli (x2)
1sjz* Arsenate reductase r60k mutant +0.4m arsenite from e. Coli (x3)
1sk0* Arsenate reductase r60a mutant +0.4m arsenite from e. Coli (x4)
1sk1* Arsenate reductase r60k mutant +0.4m arsenate from e. Coli (x3)
1sk2* Arsenate reductase r60a mutant +0.4m arsenate from e. Coli (x4)
1ttp* Tryptophan synthase (E.C. in the presence of cesium, room temperature (x2)
1uzl* Maba from mycobacterium tuberculosis (x4)
1uzm* Maba from mycobacterium tuberculosis (x4)
1uzn* Maba from mycobacterium tuberculosis (x4)
1zod* Crystal structure of dialkylglycine decarboxylase bound with cesium ion
1zqf* DNA polymerase beta (pol b) (E.C. complexed with seven base pairs of dna; soaked in the presence of cscl (150 millimolar) (x2)
2bkn* Structure analysis of unknown function protein (x10)
2bm6* The structure of mfpa (rv3361c, c2221 crystal form). The pentapeptide repeat protein from mycobacterium tuberculosis folds as a right- handed quadrilateral beta- helix. (x6)
2dev* Crystal structure of tt0972 protein from thermus thermophilus with cs(+) ions
2f9c* Crystal structure of ydck from salmonella cholerae. Nesg target scr6 (x6)
2fg8* Structure of human ferritin l chain (x10)
2hg5* Cs+ complex of a k channel with an amide to ester substitution in the selectivity filter (x4)
2hz5* Crystal structure of human dynein light chain dnlc2a
2j9x* Tryptophan synthase in complex with gp, alpha- d,l- glycerol- phosphate, cs, ph6.5 - alpha aminoacrylate form - (gp)e(a- a) (x3)
2ov4* Crystal structure of b. Stearothermophilus tryptophanyl tRNA synthetase in complex with adenosine tetraphosphate
2tpl* Tyrosine phenol- lyase from citrobacter intermedius complex with 3- (4'- hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid, pyridoxal- 5'- phosphate and cs+ ion (x2)